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Ryan Tannehill could’ve had his winning moment at home, but the Grinch (Jaguars) had other plans

Speechless. That’s probably the way that most Miami Dolphins fans lost after losing 17-7 to the 4-10 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Losing to the Jaguars was disheartening and disturbing, and most of all disappointing.

When Ryan Tannehill had his 3rd and long run for a first down in the 4th quarter down 10-7, we felt this was it. This would be the run that started the comeback and would at least put the Dolphins in position for an improbable playoff run.

On the next play, since the turf had come up, the play clock inexplicably was wound and the Dolphins had no time to get the playoff-1st and 15 with the delay of game penalty.

However, the NFL always has a way of making decent teams look badly and combined with Calais Campbell’s wrap up of Tannehill’s legs, linebacker Telvin Smith’s read and react, Tannehill flung a weak pass into the flat and right into Smith’s waiting arms for a pick 6.

Just when Tannehill’s comeback campaign of 17 touchdowns and 6 interceptions, the season was over in one flick of the wrist.

The Jaguars had stolen Christmas for the Dolphins.

Sadly, Tannehill’s legacy was also disrupted in one play.

The Dolphins will probably not bring back Tannehill next season and more changes could be on the way as the structure of Tannenbaum, Grier, and Gase isn’t bringing about positive results in the win column.

While there was a chance that Tannehill could’ve been the difference maker, this one play was a microcosm of Tannehill’s career in a nutshell.

Sadly, Ryan Tannehill just wasn’t the answer to the Dolphins woes for the past seven years.

Surely, Tannehill took a beating taking sack after sack and his mobility decreased after several significant injuries we knew of and the ones we didn’t.

If anything can be said about Tannehill, he was brave and strong to withstand the physical and mental toll of playing the quarterback position, but he just couldn’t lead the Dolphins to win consistently.

Never mind the 11-2 record at home with Gase as the head coach.

Never mind the big wins he lead the Dolphins to in the past.

For now, this legacy is on hold as Tannehill heads into his final game.

His final game, where jobs are on the line, it’s week 17 and the Dolphins’ Tannehill can end his tenure on a positive note in Buffalo.

The question still remains: Can Tannehill lead the Dolphins to one more final win?

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