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Dolphins full of drama as always

The Dolphins season wouldn’t be complete without its share of drama.

From the Ricky Williams retirement in 2004 to the Wannstedt firing to the Joe Philbin not naming Tannehill the starter to word getting out what a player named Brent Grimes thought about this same QB and was later cut from the team…

Just today, Kenny Stills revealed that he’s always open and that those close to him have basically been blowing up his phone in frustration that he only has 20 catches.

Just after the media had convened in Davie, he re-entered the room and claimed that he wasn’t throwing any QB under the bus, he’s had 5 in his time in Miami.

As much as I like Kenny Stills, he hasn’t exactly shown he can handle the workload for an entire season in terms of consistency.

We know that Stills has had his moments with Ryan Tannehill and last year, we saw a few glimpses on his TD connections with Jay Cutler.

However, if Stills claims he’s open, I believe him.

If Stills wants to throw Ryan Tannehill under the bus, I would argue that you can credit Tannehill and Matt Moore for getting him that nice deal he signed two off-seasons ago.

Here’s my prediction: this week versus the Buffalo Bills, Tannehill and Stills will reconnect and everyone will once again be happy and for one week, the Dolphins will be kings.

For the Dolphins, when things go bad, it seems like everything just gets spoiled, including talk with the media.

Fins Up!!!

Dolphins enter pit of misery lose to Patriots 38-7

Here we go again, the Miami Dolphins vaulted to the top with blood and sweat, one road win and two home wins until they met the chilly reception of a Patriots team having lost two in a row.

The Miami Dolphins displayed the best blue print on how teams can beat them-Be physical, run the ball, and pressure 6th year QB Ryan Tannehill, whose come off of two serious knee injuries.

Clearly, jamming the receivers as much as the radio signals and make doubly sure the receivers can’t get off the ball.

Put a big receiver (Josh Gordon) on Xavien Howard who was less of the X-factor and pro bowl hopeful than less have boasted about.

Dolphins fans, at least some of them go with where the wind blows-they can be quite negative when the Dolphins fail to show up and say I -told -you so when they win, barely.

Statistically, this looked like a fair matchup and the Dolphins were right on par with the big boys in the NFL after being number one in takeaways and Tannehill hadn’t yet thrown too many interceptions with only two.

However, the Dolphins showed “their warts” (Omar Kelly) and played below where they are capable of playing.

This performance was akin to Ryan Tannehill’s first trip to New England where the Dolphins lost control of the game and continued to succumb to New England’s coverage and pressure up the middle.

What we saw yesterday was a step back and perhaps, at the suggestion of Travis Wingfield-Gase must reinvent this team’s offensive approach.

Offensively, while the offense was balanced (featuring run and pass) early on, the Dolphins could not convert a 3rd down until late in the second half.

Defensively, the Dolphins couldn’t stop the Patriots air attack from the second quarter on as Brady found Cordarelle Patterson for 54 yards after Xavien Howard watched Patterson glide to the ball and into the end zone.

Coming into Sunday’s matchup, Xavien Howard was a top 5 cornerback who already amassed three interceptions. Surely, Howard had a bad game, but since Reshad Jones was not there to cover his mistakes, the end result was an enormous amount of pressure on Howard, especially after Bobby McCain went out with a leg injury.

Not only should Adam Gase reinvent their offensive approach since Ryan Tannehill seemed to look locked up and his knee seemed to lack mobility and the freshness of the week before-the Dolphins offense lacks rhythm and tempo.

Maybe Adam Gase needs to take a hard look at what Tannehill can’t do and perhaps re-examine if this is the legacy he wants to lead and instead look closely at Brock Osweiler who commanded the offense as a seasoned veteran.

While I’m not certain that there isn’t any ounce of a chance that Gase doesn’t go with Osweiler at some point, Tannehill’s career could be in limbo if the players on the team lose confidence in him.

They say that success breeds success and if you’re gonna talk the talk, you’d better walk the walk.

The Dolphins missed out on Josh Rosen in the 2018 draft and that couldn’t have made Stephen Ross happy, that is if you believe reports.

It will take a lot for Tannehill and the team to bounce back, but how he bounces back will be critical in the evaluation those above Adam Gase are ready to make and could in fact allow Gase the freedom to make a change if need be.

Consequently, an offense that cannot sustain drives can’t be put squarely on the quarterback, but the quarterback is where you look and holds the most accountability.

Let’s not forget, the Dolphins have had 18 starting QBs since Dan Marino.

This is a quarterback town.

Fans want a QB. They are starving for the QB to challenge Brady and the Patriots.

If it’s not Tannehill, 2018 will be telling for the Dolphins decision makers.

Maybe we’ll see a spot start by Osweiler if things go from bad to worse.

For the Dolphins, put this one in the rear view (maybe) and it’s on to Cincinnati.

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Dolphins with a strong first half, win 20-12 over the NY Jets

The golden arm.

The golden boy from SoCal.

Sam Darnold, the star in the making threw for over 300 yards, one touchdown and drove the Jets to three scores and still lost.

Oh Darnold is the real deal and he’ll be real good a year or two from now.

Probably playoff good.

However, the Dolphins didn’t want to see his potential today, but were on a mission to squash it.

The Miami Dolphins defense, taking up where they left off last year, forced a fumble, had two interceptions, and featured a defense that flew to the football.

Lead by Kiko Alonso, no one was safe in the middle of the field and with that spark, guys just went out and made plays.

Rookie Minkah Fitzpatrick made it hell for Darnold to complete passes deep and snuffed out the short passes and screens.

After a TJ McDonald interception and opportunistic return inside the 20, the Dolphins scored from six yards out as Kenyan Drake found a hole and powered to the end zone.

As the Dolphins took the first lead of the game, the turnover game became infectious as Kiko Alonso forced a fumble and Raekwon McMillan pounced on it.

On the ensuing drive, at the Jets 29 yard line, Tannehill with some serious pressure on the outside found Albert Wilson on a drag route and managed to juke his way past a diving Buster Skrine down the sideline for the score.

Dolphins up 14-0.

Jets 0.

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