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Dolphins gut roster, but at what cost?

The 1972 Miami Dolphins featured a defense called the No-Name Defense and led those Dolphins to the only perfect season ever in NFL history.

I’m was born 6 years after to know any better about the 1972 Dolphins, but they once revitalized the city of Miami with their play, swagger, and success.

At a time when Miami needed to escape the hangover of racism and discrimination, the city found a way to get back together.

The Dolphins won the Super Bowl in two consecutive years, a feat only seen by one other team-the Green Bay Packers at the time.

What’s so remarkable about that Dolphins team, is that they became an even stronger team after the NFL expanded in 1966 to Miami. Much of the credit goes to Don Shula who had other potential championships in his grasp if not for some disappointing playoff appearances and a lack of defensive effort in down years.

However, here we are in 1985, sorry-the Dolphins lost the Super Bowl in the fog of Palo Alto in the shadows of Stanford Stadium.

Here we are in 2018, and the Miami Dolphins have found their zero percent interest credit cards and pushed their future payments out a few years with releasing pricey veterans no matter who they are or what they’ve done in the past.

Call this roster churning what it is- a bailout if you will. Steve Ross is allowing the Dolphins front office to just bailout the franchise and instead of bringing back younger more expensive talents-they’re spending and banking on older and more experienced players.

Gone is Jarvis Landry at the tender age of 25 and sent to of all places, the Cleveland Browns and their factory of sadness. Will loyal Dolphins fans jump ship and head for the greener pastures of Cleveland with Landry and join his Lake Erie Gang gang?

Next, Ndamukong Suh. I personally loved Suh and was happy the day he joined Miami. What I didn’t love is his legs were a target and in his first game versus the Redskins, he couldn’t get free from being cut blocked or double teamed and he was toast the entire game. 2015 was a terrible year and we really didn’t see vintage Suh until 2016 and then 2017.

The one time the Dolphins made the playoffs during his tenure, he disappeared into the mist of the three rivers air in Pittsburgh.

Again, I loved Suh, but I’m moving on.

So Julius Thomas was cut-I’m fine with this move. He underperformed and underdelivered.

Lawrence Timmons? Fine. He was never going to play better than his Pittsburgh days and going AWOL helped the Dolphins.

Here’s where these past few days got interesting-Mike Pouncey’s departure. I loved Pouncey’s heart and I loved his soul, but he could only go so far and he truly doesn’t have much left in the tank. The right thing to do was for the Dolphins to release him, but with honor and offer him that much- a space on the hallowed ring of honor. I’ll miss Pouncey because he busted his butt for the Dolphins and never quit.

However, what did the Dolphins add exactly in the past few days? Did they add depth? Sure.

Did they get faster? Yes.

Did they find a complementary back? No.

Did they find a linebacker in free agency? Not yet.

Did they add more pass rush to complement Robert Quinn? Yes/No.

Did the Dolphins make a splash so that Stephen Ross can sell tickets to his shareholders? Not exactly. Club LIV will not have the same energy that Landry brought to the offense nor some of that toughness Pouncey gave the offensive line.

Look, I get that Albert Wilson’s and his speed and quickness brought him to Miami. I understand how he will fill a hole in the slot for now.

Danny Amendola was somewhat surprising, but then again Bill Belichick never pays for talent past their prime-except for Brady and he’s underpaid per QB contract averages versus what he’s accomplished-5 Super Bowl wins and 8 appearances.

While I can respect the Robert Quinn deal, I can’t fathom paying him if he doesn’t perform next season and that will have been a wasted trade. Surely, the Dolphins should get more than 27 sacks in 2018.

Here’s what gets me, QB. The Dolphins clearly needed a QB to backup Tannehill, but they didn’t get one. Instead they signed David Fales and just left it at that since they have Brandon Doughty signed as well.

You would think the Dolphins would at least kick the tires on Bridgewater (Jets) or Cousins (Vikings) or even Siemian (Broncos).

At this point to rid themselves of 56 million dollars, that’s a nice little gain for the Dolphins, but they still don’t have a complete team and the draft is still about a month away.

Consider this for a second, the Dolphins could have had Landry for three million more. Three million that they didn’t have, but they could easily get after releasing key veterans, which they still did.

We all want to turn the page, but the bottom line with all of this- what’s the plan?

If getting tier 1 free agents didn’t work in the past, how will Adam Gase and Co. produce wins with tier 2 guys?

As the Dolphins front office mulls their options and continues to back track on some of their own declarations of players good to go for 2018, know this, no one on this roster is safe come 2019.