Per NFL Network and ESPN: Head coach Adam Gase has been fired

Adam Gase, the head coach of the Miami Dolphins has been fired per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

It has been reported by Jeff Darlington of ESPN that in recent weeks the relationship with Stephen Ross and Adam Gase “had eroded” based on Ross wishing to remove Gase from deciding the 53 man roster.

Both Ian Rapoport (NFL Network) and Jeff Darlington (ESPN) confirmed the firing.

The Dolphins have yet to announce their plans and who they could interview, but know this, per Matthew Cannata, owner Stephen Ross could “have something up his sleeve.”

At this point, everything is a speculation, but we’ll continue to dissect it as we see fit and who knows, this could just be Gase being fired and not Mike Tannenbaum or Chris Grier.

Maybe Gase was the problem and he must have pissed off Stephen Ross to the point of the team losing all confidence in their head coach.

Will Gase resurface elsewhere as a head coach?

In my opinion, he’ll get another shot.

His reputation as a QB guru is still intact if he can convince a GM and owner he can be innovative and win.

23-25 isn’t winning as a head coach in Miami. It’s a downward spiral.

The Dolphins made the right decision and now it’s time for them to select the candidate that will bring winning football to Miami.

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