Various reports: Rex Ryan could be a candidate if Miami Dolphins job opens up

Call it what you will.

Black Monday is upon us and it’s not normally my cup of tea to report and jump into the fray that is NFL rumors-we’re here now with the Miami Dolphins.

That’s for the die-hards and the Miami Cannatas of the world. Follow @CannataNFL for some good stuff happening or bad news if you feel that way.

Three years ago at this time, there was much uncertainty with Joe Philbin having been fired after a game versus the Jets in London over a series of issues not just being 1-3.

The Dolphins at the time looked listless and ready to end the season.

At the time, Stephen Ross got a little courage in him and fired Philbin before the midway point of the season and essentially moved on to Dan Campbell and when his Oklahoma drill and exciting practices didn’t excite the team, they still gathered enough strength and finished with an improbable win over New England.

Despite a great interview for the job, not Campbell, but Adam Gase won over owner Stephen Ross.

Gase was set to be the next best coach and his confidence and swagger was supposed to put the Dolphins on the map.

Gase went 10-6 in 2016 and the Dolphins were abruptly bounced by the Pittsburgh Steelers in round one of the playoffs and things looked calm with things looking up after Ryan Tannehill’s before injury performance and vast improvement.

However 2017 and 2018, two seasons (6-10 & 7-9) where things got stale and plenty of high-priced and ego driven talent was sent packing or simply traded away.

This season was one of the worst in team history despite the 7-9 record finishing 30th in defense and 30th in offense.

The Dolphins defense gave up nearly 7000 yards, a record, for a Dolphins season.

So at this point, the Dolphins aren’t shopping for a coach quite yet.

The dominoes are falling elsewhere with the Jets (fired Todd Bowles ) and Buccaneers (fired Dirk Koetter), and plenty more vacancies are going to come open.

However, if the Dolphins are to turn the corner have things gotten so bad that their owner who was rumored to be firing Mike Tannenbaum, actually had VP Tannenbaum and GM Chris Grier onboard his private jet after today’s game in Buffalo.

Reading the tea leaves, Ross is simply doing his due diligence and asking the tough questions before the elephant in the room is questioned: Adam Gase.

It’s Gase’s job to lose and he’s probably not showing much as his players have failed to vouch for him on (losing three straight to end the season) and off the field (puzzling interviews where the players admit faults all over the team, short of blaming coaches).

At this point, Rex Ryan’s name has emerged for the Dolphins job, if suddenly vacant, and quite possibly another NFL job should he leap from ESPN (Armando Salguero-Miami Herald).

Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins wait this out look for the pieces to fall into place and then make their move in a rare yet stealthy fashion.

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