Reports by Jason La Canfora: Gase and Tannenbaum could be let go

This is not what every Dolphins fan dreams of come December.

The bitter turmoil in the tropics of Miami, Florida.

However, the Miami Dolphins are on the verge of a major shakeup once owner Stephen Ross decides the fate of both head coach Adam Gase and Mike Tannenbaum.

For one, the Dolphins have middled much of the Tannenbaum tenure with Gase-one playoff appearance and a failure to improve thereafter.

Gase while has shone brightly in some spots has failed to prepare the Dolphins week in and week out taking a stroke of luck or a miracle to get some critical wins down the stretch.

The Dolphins are 7-7 now and are 1-6 on the road this season and conversely 5-1 at home.

If Gase was tasked with “fixing Ryan Tannehill” he surely did so for a time until the offensive system in place unraveled and has never managed to recover.

The Dolphins this season have finished dead last in offense and in defense and are still 7-7, albeit luckily.

Surely the injury bug hit the Dolphins especially hard, but Adam Gase has found ways to add guys off the street to make a momentary difference, but has not been shown to be sustainable.

While Gase has largely had the most say of the 53 man roster, he’s gotten his way with every move and made every decision to let go of key talents last off season that have had fans questioning their own Dolphins jersey purchases.

Gase has treated the Dolphins roster like a Belichick would without the credibility of being a winning head coach.

More than anything, the Dolphins led by Tannenbaum failed to have a contingency plan in the event that Gase’s guy-Tannehill could not stay healthy.

It’s a shame really that the Dolphins season is on the brink and that Gase will end his first stint as a head coach in Buffalo-where the miracle with Andrew Franks game-tying 57 yard field goal happened and Jay Ajayi had a monster game-later that evening making the playoffs.

For one, the Dolphins brass will need to make changes and Stephen Ross has some tough decisions to make unless he’s already made them.

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