Dolphins full of drama as always

The Dolphins season wouldn’t be complete without its share of drama.

From the Ricky Williams retirement in 2004 to the Wannstedt firing to the Joe Philbin not naming Tannehill the starter to word getting out what a player named Brent Grimes thought about this same QB and was later cut from the team…

Just today, Kenny Stills revealed that he’s always open and that those close to him have basically been blowing up his phone in frustration that he only has 20 catches.

Just after the media had convened in Davie, he re-entered the room and claimed that he wasn’t throwing any QB under the bus, he’s had 5 in his time in Miami.

As much as I like Kenny Stills, he hasn’t exactly shown he can handle the workload for an entire season in terms of consistency.

We know that Stills has had his moments with Ryan Tannehill and last year, we saw a few glimpses on his TD connections with Jay Cutler.

However, if Stills claims he’s open, I believe him.

If Stills wants to throw Ryan Tannehill under the bus, I would argue that you can credit Tannehill and Matt Moore for getting him that nice deal he signed two off-seasons ago.

Here’s my prediction: this week versus the Buffalo Bills, Tannehill and Stills will reconnect and everyone will once again be happy and for one week, the Dolphins will be kings.

For the Dolphins, when things go bad, it seems like everything just gets spoiled, including talk with the media.

Fins Up!!!

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