Ryan Tannehill -the Dolphins comeback player of the year

If the Miami Dolphins fans had a vote- they’d certainly want Ryan Tannehill nominated for comeback player of the year.

While not many sports networks are calling Tannehill’s upcoming season a comeback-I will.

What’s not to like heading into week one?

For starters, Tannehill is the Dolphins quarterback and supported by his teammates 100 percent.

He’s been through the wilderness so to speak as he healed and then rehabbed from his second ACL tear.

After relying on his Faith and then his wife Lauren to get him out of the darkness, Tannehill persevered and showed his toughness.

With Tannehill fully healthy, what he’s been able to do in the preseason has been nothing short of a miracle.

More than ever, Tannehill can lead this team and show he has the mettle to compete with the top 10 quarterbacks in the league.

What’s more, Tannehill has demonstrated since day one, a penchant for doing the little things in preparation despite whatever adversity he’s faced.

Nothing was more evident than an improbable win in Pittsburgh during his second season in 2013.

With the winds of uncertainty swirling in and around the franchise because of Bullygate, Tannehill put his nose to the grindstone and worked to understand the game-plan.

Tannehill, instead of relying solely on his receivers, he followed the game plan by orchestrating a comeback win despite throwing an interception late in the game.

Throwing for a few touchdowns and allowing his running backs and his legs do the talking, the Dolphins stayed above the fray and earned the win on the road keeping them in the hunt for the playoffs in the 2013 season.

While there are countless examples of Tannehill’s toughness, he’s learned to win big games on the road and has a body of work that can serve him well after reflection, time away, and strength building readying him for the long haul as the team’s quarterback.

In 2018, the season goals are no different.

Week to week with the main goal playoffs and a Super Bowl win and not just getting there.

Heck, if the Eagles could shock the world why can’t the Dolphins?

Tannehill is poised for a comeback.

Dear NFL, are you ready?

photo credit: Palm Beach Post

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