Does Brock Osweiler have a chance at the backup QB job in Miami?

Dolphins spring training is underway and I’m excited to follow my Twitter feed and let the bloggers on the ground keep us all updated.

It’s a close race, but I absolutely love how Luis Sung does work during training camp and can carry a full conversation while tweeting, accurately what just happened.

This training camp is no different and he constantly sees more and knows more than some Miami beat reporters from a particular entity to be held nameless.

As it stands, Brock Osweiler, who is in Miami because he knows Adam Gase and serves as a veteran presence, is in camp.

Today, every single throw looked late, he threw some picks, and frankly he’s convinced it’s part of a “process.”

Osweiler, to his credit covered for Peyton Manning in Denver during their Super Bowl run only to see his winning streak-come to an end as Peyton was tabbed to start in the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Said Osweiler today to Joe Schad of the Palm Beach Post after camp:

“My deal isn’t getting so much into the results,” Osweiler said after Thursday’s practice. “I like to focus on the process. So was today perfect, no? But it’s all about getting a little bit better every single day. Focus on the process. And if you focus on that, rather than the results, come December or January you’re going to be where you want to be.”

In addition, Osweiler had much more to add saying that he had an incredible Spring and it was the “best spring as a pro.”

It’s clear that Osweiler is relying on his past experience to win the job, but the current showing in camp seems somewhat Cutler-esque and somewhat in denial of his overall ability to execute this offense.

To say that Brock Osweiler is learning the offense is a dumb excuse because frankly, this is nearly the same offense he played in Denver with Adam Gase as the QB coach. There might be a wrinkle here or there, but it’s the same exact offense Gase ran during his tenure in Denver as a QB coach and later offensive coordinator.

As far as experience goes, Osweiler has the edge over Fales in starts, in touchdown passes, in meaningful game experience, and he possesses what I believe is a rocket arm.

What Osweiler lacks is an ability to execute and a lack of consistency, but again it’s still puzzling if Gase brought him in because he knows him or he’s merely in Miami to better his career.

One wonders if he could be cut to seek another open starting job should a quarterback go down due to injury for another team.

At this point, Osweiler clearly seems optimistic about his chances in Miami as a backup and feels he’s “making the most of this opportunity” and working with “Coach Gase is very special.”

This isn’t the same Osweiler who left the greener pastures of Denver for Houston, only to be dealt to Cleveland and then wound up in Denver, again.

Time will tell, and a meaningful camp plus preseason reps and collaborative spirit with Ryan Tannehill could win Brock the QB2 job.

Photo credit: Palm Beach Post

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