It’s Ryan Tannehill against the world…again in 2018

On the eve of Miami Dolphins training camp, a poll of NFL executives on ESPN lists Ryan Tannehill as the 27th ranked quarterback (Insider account required). In fact, rather than a Tier 2 quarterback-ESPN’s poll lists Tannehill among the bottom half of NFL starting QBs posted below Tyrod Taylor (Browns), Blake Bortles (Jaguars) and overall, the poll revealed a 3.3 rating meaning he’s at the bottom of the league as a quarterback.

In May, USA Today ranked Tannehill as a 34th ranked QB! That’s not a ranking for a franchise QB!!!

What the heck is going on?

Did people suddenly forget that if not for a sudden ACL injury during the 2016 season, Tannehill would be leading the Dolphins to quite possibly a historic playoff run? Instead, Tannehill, who worked so hard to become a better QB, had to watch Matt Moore lead the team to the playoffs going 2-1 (S-1). Moore got the save versus Arizona.

What’s more, Ryan Tannehill according to Pro Football Focus in 2016: 80.8 overall grade and 16th overall. In fact, he had the “second -highest percentage of big-time throws” in 2016 (per Pro Football Focus).

For a first round pick (selected 8th in 2012), the ranking based on a collection of GMs and NFL personnel men’s opinions demonstrates the lack of success and popularity that Tannehill has had missing his entire 2017 season after surgery to repair his ACL.

Surely, around the NFL, there some writers who believe the Dolphins are no better than a 4 to 6 win team.

There are writers who believe that without the supporting cast that Tannehill had before his injury-Jay Ajayi (traded), Jarvis Landry (traded), there seems to be a loss of cohesiveness and rapport that Tannehill built with the offense.

Enter the hype video released yesterday by Ryan Tannehill himself perhaps quelling the flames started by former Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry-who said Tannehill never worked with him or the receivers in the offseason.

Was this a Nike (Landry) versus Adidas (Tannehill) thing or just plain sour grapes?

Needless to say, the Miami Dolphins have expressed their desire not to draft a QB this year and let Tannehill’s actions on gameday speak for themselves.

The trifecta of head coach Adam Gase, GM Chris Grier, and SVP Mike Tannenbaum have chosen to ride or die with Tannehill.

The idea that Tannehill can’t lead this team-largely sparked by Mike Pouncey (who once called him the franchise QB in 2012 during training camp) and Jarvis Landry who has dissed his play should be looked at cautiously.

However, if their is any truth being revealed as far as Tannehill as a leader, one can look at a lot of past Dolphins who, let’s say he hasn’t really had an affect on and have left the team-Brent Grimes and his wife Miko comes to mind.

I mean, has any player that has left Miami ever said glowing things about his former teammate?

No matter the criticism of Tannehill, he sure has a ton to prove apart from his injury and recovery in that he needs to win and for Dolphins fans, it’s playoffs or bust.

If football is a team game, not only does Ryan Tannehill need to prove his worth as a leader, but as a winner-but the supporting cast in place has to help him get there.

To win in Miami, that is to make the playoffs when the media has already counted the Dolphins out, would show that Tannehill is certainly better than a 27th ranked QB.

(Photo Credit-Miami Herald)

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