Rumors have it, Dolphins Suh could be potential cap cut

Earlier yesterday it was reported by Dianna Russini of ESPN that the Miami Dolphins could cut Ndamukong Suh.

Let’s not forget, Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports adoubled down on this idea during the season when the Dolphins were in the middle of some turmoil and the media was ripe to take the bait or just plain ignore it locally.

Cutting Suh before his bonus comes due on March 19th for 8.3 million would be a cruel twist to the Dolphins offseason who have yet to tip their hand on what they plan to do on the defensive side of the ball. Offensively, it’s become clear the Dolphins have given Jarvis Landry a take it or leave it deal and owe him 15.29 million unless they trade him first.

While there have been reports of Julius Thomas and Lawrence Timmons both being cut, these cuts are more obvious based on a lack of production and a high salary.

The Dolphins’ front office is far from complicit in their free spending efforts in free agency and have spent exorbitant money on players north of 30 years of age.

After Joe Philbin led the Dolphins in 2014 to second straight 8-8 record, Mike Tannenbaum and then GM Dennis “Silver Fox” Hickey gave Ndamukong Suh 60 million reasons to land in South Florida. In fact, 60 million dollars in guarantees in Florida outweighed the offer that the Oakland Raiders had on the table because of the state taxes in California where Florida doesn’t have state income tax.

Suh, the astute businessman and friend of Warren Buffet chose the money in Miami and the potential for being great. Not to mention, money that would set him up for life. The Raiders offer would have put him at the pedestal of the Bay Area market and played a quick game of tug of war with the 49ers for popularity as the 49ers would succumb to turmoil of their own.

Suh has been nothing but a true pro in Miami.

Initially, we saw that he didn’t like conditioning in Miami and preferred to train with his people in Oregon at Nike headquarters.

Then came Adam Gase who has brought the best out of Suh. Gase challenged the defense to pushups in camp and the team earned his trust and found him to be more of a players coach and a coach that would go to bat for them.

Off the field, Suh has become a savvy investor taking his cues from Wareen Buffett, but more importantly to him, started his philanthropy by giving back to his alma mater the University of Nebraska Athletic Department-the weight room is now named after him.

Suh has become a force in the Dolphins 4-3 defense teaming up with Cam Wake and has set an example as a leader for rookies Vincent Taylor and Davon Godchaux for how the game should be played.

Surely there have been instances where questionable behavior where Suh has been off his game and lost his cool and opposing coaches have wished for a suspension, but Suh plays the game hard and no one suspends offensive linemen when they target his knees on chop blocks.

Suh unfortunately has lost his mental edge after committing several offside/presnap penalties-especially last season.

In all, Suh has been a true pro in Miami. He’s been a leader demonstrating what it takes to play at a high level.

Bottom line, Suh has made his money.

However, the Dolphins are upside down in terms of their salary cap and Suh could be a cap casualty and the Dolphins might move on and that could spell trouble for the future of the defense, a true anchor-as Suh played at a high level so did the Dolphins.

Dolphins fans look at this potential move as a dumb move or indifferent-I see this as necessary, but hold out hope that his salary can be converted to another bonus through restructuring.

What will the Dolphins do?

They’ll probably make the most unpopular decision and probably and inevitably cut Ndamukong Suh.

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