Was the Dolphins franchise tender of Jarvis Landry good business or good will?

The Miami Dolphins are popular again and not because of yet another slight uniform modification.

Jarvis Landry is now in the news and not because the Dolphins cleared cap space miraculously and signed him long term, but because the Dolphins exercised the vaunted franchise tender.

We all know that Dolphins fans in the #Landryganggang rejoiced at the news, one more year of Landry and one more chance to re-sign him long term.

However, as free agency nears: 16.2 million is a lot of money and Jarvis Landry can choose to let this drag out just like running back LeVeon Bell did last offseason for the Steelers.

Clearly, even though the Dolphins tendered Landry, it is Landry with the leverage.

There are some potential answers as to why this benefits Landry: he’s the top receiver that’s recently become unavailable, his pal Odell Beckham Jr. wants more money per year than Landry’s tender, and finally the Dolphins truly don’t have enough cap space and have to get rid of players with high priced contracts. In other words, the Dolphins have failed to drum up enough interest for Landry and seem adamant to get something in return via trade.

It was widely reported that Landry was on the trade block at the deadline during this past season, but the Dolphins didn’t like the haul in return.

To me, Jarvis Landry as I said in a previous post, has worn out Dolphins coaches with his selfish attitude and work ethic that has been questioned.

When head coach Adam Gase mentioned to assembled media last season after the Baltimore game that players need to do their homework and study the playbook, he might have stopped short of mentioning Landry.

Then there is the infield behavior drawing flags for celebrating is one thing, but drawing flags for an unsportsmanlike penalty and throwing a punch is another matter that seems like the Dolphins brass isn’t so sure he’s gotten past.

Even if he’s the sentimental favorite to land a contract in Miami (according to those crazed Landry fans), I can’t see anything getting done except for a trade to another team.

Surely the Dolphins would love to move up in the draft and look at addressing two positions of need: quarterback or a pass rusher, but no team will give up a first round pick for Landry.

At this point, the Dolphins tendered Landry.

At this point Jarvis Landry calls the shots until a deal is done or he’s traded.

Either way, the Dolphins have no leverage and Landry can wait as long as he needs to until it affects his game checks.

For Dolphins fans, the Landry soap opera continues so sit tight and to borrow a line from Terrell Owens-“get you’re popcorn ready.”

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