For the Dolphins’ Landry, the Super Bowl drive might too tough to pass up

Look at Jarvis Landry. Landry might as well be shooting commercials and modeling for endorsements, but instead he’s in the Pro Bowl for a third straight year. For three out of four years, he’s been in the pro bowl-a feat not seen since Hall of Fame defensive player Jason Taylor did it six times.

What’s more, Landry has the cameras glued to his every move as he stands to either sign a contract to remain in Miami or test free agent market and make upwards of 14 million per season.

While Dolphins executives and staffers as well as head coach Adam Gase chart plot points on potential draft picks at the Senior Bowl, Landry hams it up for the cameras with the killer smile, tilt of the head, and his hands pointing and waving at potential teammates.

Landry is doing all the right things and saying all the right things in Orlando as he’s won a share of skills challenges the past two seasons from best hands showing off his near patented on-handed catches to winning the dodgeball challenge with a game-face on and barely a smile as he got after it and won the whole darn thing.

Landry, who refuses to be shy about what he wants in his career is dead-set on being on a team that has a Super bowl of a fighting’s chance-clearly not the Dolphins at this point in time.

The underdog in Landry wants it to be the Dolphins who will have quarterback Ryan Tannehill back at the helm-wouldn’t it be an awesome story?

The realist in Landry sees that as a trend setter as the most coveted receiver on the free agent market, Landry can pick his own team and choose his own destiny- any team will clear cap space for a talent like Jarvis Landry and it could be up the road to Jacksonville or as far as out west to Oakland.

Jarvis can become Jarvi$$$ in an instant and a stroke of a pen.

However, what’s most telling is that while Jarvis is clearly one of the most talented and coveted receivers, some teams may not want him.

First from several observations and of recent news clippings, the term “leader” by some accounts isn’t where Landry is in the locker room. Landry will bust his ass on the field and long after the media and cameras have gone and the Dolphins people see those positive returns on game day.

What people don’t see, is a Jarvis Landry persona speak up in the meeting room and spend time with rookies training them and teaching them the finer points of being a pro.

Only his teammates see that from Jarvis Landry.

What are his teammates saying?

What people see about Landry is his strategic sound bites before the season about how he wants to play for the Dolphins for life and it doesn’t matter how much he signs for, but he will not negotiate during the season.

What people see on the field is a player with a flamboyant persona, active, willing to go above and beyond to make a catch and maybe over the top by getting into someone’s face to fire up the team.

Sometimes that fire leads to smoke between his ears and out his nostrils as he showed us all that anger streak in the form of defiance and a lack of maturity versus the Bills on New Year’s Eve.

One can only wonder if Adam Gase and the front office has moved on, or if the “slow” negotiations are merely a ploy to see how much Jarvis Landry can handle when he signs with Miami and is forced as the leader and captain of the team.

Furthermore, when Landry made a prediction that the Dolphins would “sweep” the Patriots, he was half right and had a hand in scoring a touchdown in game two, on Monday Night Football in Miami, but where was he in game one in New England?

However, what Landry chooses this offseason will be winning. He could choose teammates he doesn’t yet know well over the organization that drafted him and help make him

He’ll make a decision based on a number that will keep his family comfortable for a very long time.

Yes, Landry needed this Pro Bowl weekend to show he’s a quality teammate and hardworking.

For Landry, it’s about so much more: it’s just that Super Bowl champion has a better “ring” to it.

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