Is Jarvis Landry done in Miami? I’d say yes.

While there has been not much conversation that we know of between Jarvis/Agent and the Miami Dolphins, the media has been all over it through “sources” and “back channels.”

First, with the Dolphins brass wrapping up their offseason plan and commencing with their various draft hopefuls at the senior bowl next week and Shrine game this week, these last few days have been nothing short of the new age phrase: “shots fired.”

The first to launch barbs were the Miami Dolphins, but not the Dolphins directly, just the sources inside the walls of their Davie headquarters, as they spoke to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

In a case of not shooting the messenger, Salguero’s account of negotiations with Landry have not gone well and the Dolphins have yet to respond to Agent Bilbo who has represented Jarvis Landry.

In fact, Salguero goes on to say this about Landry via his source:

“But the Dolphins have a different opinion. Their view of Landry is your view. They see his passion. And his production. And his toughness. They see all that. And that has value to them.”

And then wait for it…

“They see a player who doesn’t pay attention to details. They see a player who sometimes runs the right routes and sometimes doesn’t. They see a player who sometimes inspires with his emotions, but sometimes loses control and hurts his team. They see a player who doesn’t lead in the locker room although he’s in a great position to do so.”

“They see a player who doesn’t seem to respect his coaches because he often ignores what they ask. They see a player who has been, in the words of multiple sources, “a pain” to deal with and “hard to reach.”

Yes, shots fired.

Then, as we remember it, Landry called his negotiations with the Dolphins “disrespectful” via ESPN.

Since this my opinion piece on the Landry Saga: know this-had Jarvis Landry not had the outburst in Buffalo as well as the previous run-ins with Gase about play calls (see KC game 3rd and 24 -4th quarter) and quite possibly his domestic issue over the summer where charges were never pressed by his ex-girlfriend nor by Broward County; Jarvis has had his chances and the Dolphins have backed him every single time.

Except if you’re the Dolphins, the negotiation should end here-as Landry’s Agent called out the Dolphins’ franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill and now maybe just maybe Dolphins fans look the other way and abandon Landry Gang Gang.

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