Jarvis Landry needs to be the Dolphins number one priority this off season

With the conclusion of the Dolphins season today, the ball is in their court so to speak, based on various reports out of Miami.

If you believe Josina Anderson’s report (ESPN) last week that the Dolphins and Landry’s agent have exchanged offers, then the Dolphins are far from close to bringing Landry back.

Last week, after a 3rd and 24 play in Kansas City, Landry game off the field and proceeded to yell out head coach Adam Gase. The two had an exchange of epic proportions and as the CBS cameras cut away, Landry could be seen out of the picture, but Gase yelling at him on the sideline.

One can gather that one, Landry hated the 3rd and 24 play call on a failed screen to Jakeem Grant on an errant throw by quarterback Jay Cutler and two, Landry wanted that pass downfield to get the Dolphins a closer 4th down opportunity with the game seemingly out of reach.

In fact, Landry you remember had a similar confrontation with Gase in an earlier game this season when Landry claimed to catch the ball and wanted a coaches challenge only to be rebuffed by Gase.

On one hand, Landry’s behavior can been seen as confrontational and somewhat defiant of how Gase might prefer him to act after a play. On the other hand, Landry’s intensity is a welcome sight because it shows he wants to win and cares about making the Dolphins winners.

When Landry was drafted, his 40 time (4.77 seconds) was in question even though he caught more passes than his pal Odell Beckham Jr. at LSU.

Said Mike Mayock at the time per NFL.com:

“When you put the tape on to watch Odell Beckham play, you can’t tell which one is Beckham. I like the opportunity he’s going to get in Miami.”

When Landry was knocked for his size (5’11”), he busted out as a rookie and favorite of Ryan Tannehill over Mike Wallace because Landry played the game all out and wasn’t afraid to catch a ball in traffic nor afraid to get after it on a block.

Evan Nawrocki’s assessment (NFL.com):


“Has a fairly lean frame — could stand to bulk up and get stronger in order to combat the jam. Lacks elite explosiveness and top-end speed — does not have an extra gear to take the top off. Average line release, acceleration and suddenness. Could struggle to separate vs. quick-twitch cornerbacks. Large percentage of catches are contested. Lacks ideal height and is not a great leaper. Started just 12 career games.”

Perhaps Landry is at his best when he’s mad. Perhaps Landry is better for a team that runs a balanced offense.

Perhaps Landry just makes the team better.

100 plus catches better and 8 touchdowns-with two quarterbacks, Cutler and Moore.

Will the Dolphins franchise tag, transition tag, re-sign him, or set him free?

There will never be another player like Landry who handle his craft with professionalism, an undying energy, and the will to win.

Will this be Juice’s last game in Miami as a Dolphin?

Despite the dialogue, has the Juice finally run out?

Out of Miami that is.

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