It’s time for the Dolphins to extend Jarvis Landry and end all the curious speculation this offseason

Jarvis Landry, arguably the best player on the Miami Dolphins is now destined for a huge payday whether it’s with the Dolphins or another team is the question.

For weeks on end, Dolphins fans have been doing a back and forth dalliance about Landry’s status and if DeVante Parker is a bust.

Landry has proven that his contract year of 2017 has been more than stellar: 94 receptions for 844 yards and 8 touchdowns.

What’s more, in Landry’s 4 year career as a Dolphins receiver he’s caught 386 passes for 3,895 yards and hauled in 21 touchdowns.

Remarkably, while Landry has had a lower average in yards per catch of 8.6 in 2018, he’s proving to be an immovable constant in the Dolphins arsenal of an offense.

However, while the fun is on the field for Landry, the back end of the business side could quickly take a turn for the worst if the Dolphins don’t keep him in Miami long term.

Just last week, Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reported it appears the Dolphins will be in negotiations with Landry.

In addition, PFT’s report (via Mike Florio) which shed some light on the Dolphins’ beat writer-Salguero intimated clearly that the Dolphins might have “cooled” on the idea that fellow wideout DeVante Parker might not be the guy they thought he was after drafting him in 2014.

In fact, as PFT intimated, the Dolphins might not even pick up his rookie option leaving Parker out of their offseason plans as soon as 2018 as the Dolphins front office might be hesitant to pick up his option.

What’s interesting about this report by Salguero is that it comes on the heels of one-Landry’s career year and second Parker’s demise.

Either way, we should as fans understand that Salguero’s source is possibly a team source close to the negotiations or it could be his agent wishing the information to be leaked.

Armando should be trusted, but if you look at the crazy stuff he’s reported out of the Dolphins such as former head coach Joe Philbin wishing for Derek Carr to be drafted in Miami after Ryan Tannehill’s second season-which put the Dolphins close to the playoffs; one should be leery about what Landry truly wants the Dolphins to do.

On one hand, Landry’s people had said Landry didn’t wish to negotiate in season, on the other hand, Landry wants big time receiver money.

As it stands, the Dolphins, finishing at 8-8 this season could make the playoffs and as Jarvis Landry rises to the occasion week in and week out, one can only wonder: how long before they back up the brinks truck and pay him the money?

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