Why the Dolphins win against the Patriots was no fluke

When things go right in the game plan for Adam Gase and his coaches, they work with precision.

From DC Matt Burke’s timely blitzes of Tom Brady forcing errant throws to Xavien Howard showcasing his closing speed-because he’s healthy, and the Dolphins offense taking shots downfield and forcing the Patriots with their aging secondary to cover them; the Dolphins ruled the night.

Last week versus the Denver Broncos, they pushed the Broncos on the brink of near extinction. This week, the Broncos silenced the critics and got a convincing win over a decent New York Jets team 23-0. This past week after hearing the noise and the woe is me attitude with the Patriots not having Gronkowski in their offense due to a suspension, the Dolphins responded to the call by Jarvis Landry to take the air out of the Patriots.

The Dolphins didn’t just kick the rear-end of the defending champs, they kicked the door down and exposed the Patriots for what they are, a lucky bunch who cheat within the rules.

The Dolphins didn’t just roll the Patriots, they obliterated them from the consciousness of the NFL media.

Of course, except for a nice interview with running back Kenyan Drake (105 yards rushing, 79 yards receiving) in their postgame interview -ESPN spent the rest of the night, morning, and afternoon diagnosing the loss by the Patriots to the Dolphins more than praising the job that Adam Gase and his staff did to beat the Patriots.

Getting five minutes of fame is fine with the Dolphins because they are simply ready to take that next step and that is to get key wins in December and whether or not that leads to playoffs, it still remains the goal.

The December 3rd loss is now erased to the Patriots because the Pats couldn’t tear open their boxes of division winning hats and t-shirts as the media predicted on Monday Night Football where every broadcaster in pregame predicted a Patriots victory by the widest of margins.

The Dolphins won this game 27-20 because they won every phase of the game.

They won in Special Teams-two field goals to make it 6-0. Cody Parkey was two for two and cool, calm, and collected. The Juggernaut from Jupiter (FL) was on his game.

As inconsistent as certain offensive and defensive units have been for the Dolphins, we’re starting to see the team as a whole pulling in the same direction from route running and blocking by receivers to coverage on defense to pass rush on the defensive line.

Plus the penalties while discouraging or unfair over the course of the season, have been mainly cleaned up.

When Gase faces adversity, the team responds.

Last night shook the rest of the AFC East which hadn’t beat the Patriots in 2017 until now.

Next stop-Buffalo where anything is possible.

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