Adam Gase’s job status is a cool seat of comfort

Finally, after a lackluster season, ESPN’s James Walker reported last week that Adam Gase has bought himself some time in Miami with a first year playoff run last season.

Moreover, Dolphins fans who wanted Gase gone after the Ajayi trade are buying into his philosophy as a play-caller with the emergence of multi-purpose back Kenyan Drake and Damien William who has shown his versatility as a receiver and check down option.

Surely, the Dolphins defense might need a makeover, with expensive contracts adorning the defensive line-Ndamukong Suh provides the power pound for pound, but Jordan Phillips is finally showcasing what he can do to help lead this team. Dolphins fans learned that Kiko Alonso isn’t a great OLB, but rather needs to be an MLB. I’d expect that adjustment to be made next season.

Gase all in all, despite the setbacks and drama all season long has kept the Dolphins steady.

As fans clamor for another run at the playoffs, playing for pride and standing in the way of Buffalo’s potential playoff push is a great position to be in right?

What strikes me as a belief in Gase is that no matter how bad things have gotten this season, he always shows he believes in his players. He backs his players, but manages to hold them accountable, behind closed doors.

When Timmons went AWOL, having dealt with a similar situation with Ajayi last season, he was firm, suspended the player, and sent a message that there is no “I” in team.

He was steadfast in his resolve to send that message to his entire team and has been more than anything positive in that message, even if it meant moving on from Ajayi in a trade-because doing one’s job is clearly paramount to buying into the team concept.

While he could have done the same with Timmons who reportedly missed being in Pittsburgh and allegedly went to Steelers training-a violation of the rules-Gase allowed him to play his way back into the team.

When Gase went to Cam Wake as the Dolphins leader and captain, Wake understood what that meant-a concept not lost on the Dolphins vet who has done everything asked and then some through 4 different coaching regimes.

Gase’s positivity and belief in the process, no matter the score is what underscores his ability to lead his young team through the most trying parts of the season.

All in all, Adam Gase gets to be the coach of the Miami Dolphins because where most coaches panicked and benched their longtime starters-at QB (Ben McAdoo comes to mind) and he has made the right moves for the future.

As the new adage goes-In Gase we Trust and as fans we need to believe.

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