Patriots victory over Dolphins 35-17 barely hints at hope

Foxborough, MA- This Miami Dolphins team ranks right up there with the previous Dolphins teams that have lost five in a row. Losing streaks are not new to the Dolphins before Adam Gase and now Adam Gase will have to right the ship.

Let’s cut to the particulars, Gase needs to now find two running backs, correction, he needs to have a long talk with Mike Tannenbaum about his roster, probably after the season. However, just picture them yelling through walls in Davie back and forth, or better yet-full-fledged wrestling matches broken up by assistants and football staff. The stuff of legend.

The Dolphins were never in this game unless you consider being down 21-10 at the half and could have gotten more points if not for a hanging Matt Moore pass intended for DeVante Parker (no catches) as the Patriots’ Stephon Gilmore intercepted it easily, ending the half.

Even though the Dolphins struck early in the 4th quarter with a red zone touchdown to Kenyan Drake, cutting the Patriots lead to 28-17, the Patriots ramped up their quest to drain the clock and the Dolphins hope of a comeback.

Going inside the numbers, Moore looked feet happy and off all day. The deep ball that Moore possesses was no match for the Northern winds of Massachusetts as the ball fluttered or just hung in the air. Three red zone opportunities and no touchdowns in the first half wasn’t going to get it done by the Dolphins.

Except, this is a herky-jerky type of season and as the Dolphins execute, they seem to make things interesting.

Most casual Dolfan observers will be quick to point out, they are the kings of garbage time And make things rather interesting.

Down 35-17, Matt Moore, supported by the play calls by head coach Adam Gase failed to put the Dolphins into scoring range.

That’s where it would end.

I’m big on the numbers of this game, but seven sacks of Matt Moore demonstrates that this offensive line is not executing like they should and it’s an issue of talent and a need to retool the entire unit and move Tunsil back inside to left guard.

There are changes looming next season. Some of these changes will be hard to handle as a fan. Some fans might need to purchase jersey insurance as this roster could look vastly different and the approach might be one of frugality, but not by choice.

The season is not quite over, but only the Dolphins playoff hopes as the Dolphins find themselves 4-7.

Losing has a way of chewing up and spitting out coaches in Miami-look for the seat to become hotter in weeks to come for Adam Gase.

Rex Burkhead celebrates first half touchdown. Photo credit: Boston Herald

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