How much is too much for Adam Gase in Miami to handle?

Yesterday morning at about 8:18AM per a police report, the latest black mark in the 2017 season appeared with an arrest, detainment, and release of Dolphins linebacker Rey Maualuga. It seems Maualuga was at a club in Miami and went all Ndamukong Suh over a 40 dollar tab, the difference is this took place off the field 24 hours before he should have been in a walkthrough in Davie. Maualuga has since been released by the Dolphins for his off the field incident.

At this point, Adam Gase has had to deal with injuries to key players including but not limited to Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins quarterback, Tony Lippett a third year corner who was just on the presupice of getting better and becoming a lock down corner for the Dolphins, and then rookie Raquon McMillan who painfully tore his ACL after being hit from behind on a special teams play in week 1 of the preseason.

Challenging Gase and his ideals echoing the Patriots true mantra-Do your own job, have been veteran linebacker Lawrence Timmons who went AWOL and per some reports early in the season, he was seen hanging out and working out in Pittsburgh with the Steelers practicing on the field.

Surely, seeing Jay Ajayi flourish last season with three 200 yard plus games and then seeing him have some good and bad games early in the season, but no rushing touchdowns and a supposed bad attitude and defiance of Gase’s policies (not taking work home to study), led to his shipment out of town in a trade for a 4th round pick to the hottest team in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles.  Ajayi went untouched for a 53 yard TD on his first carry for the Eagles fitting the scheme and playcall beautifully.

At this point, if you ask Gase, which I have not had the pleasure of doing so because I don’t possess the credentials, but if what you read is true on Twitter and on print, the Dolphins best beat reporters have been wounded by glances and some major comeback statements that make Gase seem like he is the smartest guy in the room.

For one, Gase is the coach of the football team who cares about the well-being of each and every player on the team as well as his staff.  So much so, that he had to fire Chris Foerster for transgressions caught on video, this after the Dolphins were in the middle of a lengthy winning streak.

In fact, Gase is directly responsible for the Dolphins offense as he calls the plays and continually says he prefers to do so because it’s the “only thing he enjoys.” At least, it’s good to know that Gase doesn’t care for his defense-which needs some more tough love and quite possibly a solution to stopping the run and big plays downfield.

That a leader hasn’t emerged with all the talent on that defense and expensive talent it is, but maybe more valuable to Miami at this point in terms of scheme and formation.

How much does offsides champion Suh cost again?  How about that guy Andre Branch? Do the Dolphins have a pass rusher not named Cam Wake?

Speaking of Cam Wake, six sacks early in the season and now, fans want to say that he’s being held so he can’t get to the QB?  Last time I checked, that’s his job and his supposed longevity and age shouldn’t have anything to do with it.

Ask Khalil Mack of the Raiders if he cares if he gets held, because one way or another, he gets to the QB.

If Adam Gase is going to criticize his team, then he needs to be prepared to hold himself accountable.

Just because Gase made the playoffs last year, it doesn’t mean that he gets a free pass and the authority, in my opinion to get rid of anyone he wishes to on the roster.

What’s most damning is the reason the Dolphins didn’t win in the playoffs last year and got lucky that they made it in the first place, all one has to do is look at the Denver Broncos’ head coach-Vance Joseph and he’s now on the way out if he doesn’t win games and has been called out indirectly as John Elway called his team-“soft.”

Was Vance Joseph the true issue last season why the Dolphins failed to stop the run and couldn’t earn a higher margin of victory? It’s food for thought.

To me, it seems like Ross trusts Gase so much that he can be allowed to revamp and essentially churn the roster because he claims to know what he’s doing. Now it’s time to revamp the offense with a porous offensive line where the best player-Laremy Tunsil can’t handle a bull rush and is probably not destined to be a Left Tackle, but better at Left Guard.

Gase has resorted to playing and having balls forced to receivers like Kenny Stills who has disappointed and hasn’t fit the supposed deep throwing Jay Cutler, but rather DeVante Parker who doesn’t seem right nor healthy.

Let’s not forget, even the best coaches fell flat on their rear-ends after being fired, see Bill Belichick, Nick Saban, and Pete Carroll.

Is it time to fire and move on from Adam Gase? Only time will tell.

Gase wonderment


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