Dolphins send Ajayi to Philly for a 4th rounder

Every time it seems that the Miami Dolphins are ready to put their collective foot in the ground and win, something seems to stall progress.

This morning, the Dolphins decided to “cut bait” as they say and jettison Jay Ajayi to the Philadelphia Eagles for a 2018 4th round draft choice.

The move comes at a time where the Dolphins head coach Adam Gase cannot seem to find a ryhthm in his play-calling nor consistency.

From the outset, it seems like Jay Ajayi is all about his appearance (YURP brand clothing) rather than his performance on the football field.

Ajayi to date has declined in the Dolphins offense that put his name on the map last season as he was the go-to offensive threat when the Dolphins needed a spark.

Ajayi delivered in week one and took up from where he had left off in the final game of the season versus Buffalo.

However, notwithstanding his efforts in Atlanta where Ajayi rushed for 130 plus yards, Ajayi has failed to do what he is paid to do-score touchdowns via pass catching or rushing.

At this point the Dolphins are clearly content with Kenyan Drake (2nd year from Alabama) and Damian Williams.

The Dolphins next move- if Jarvis Landry gets dealt will begin the slow, but methodical process of fulfilling the mantra set forth by Adam Gase adopted from his mentors of the past- “Do your job.”


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