DeVante Parker inactive again, sadly

Jay Cutler’s favorite target since day one, DeVante Parker or DVP has been ruled inactive with the same ankle issue that has plagued him since the Titans game.

At this point, we can only speculate, but might the Dolphins be better off without DVP?

Here’s what I’ve seen from DVP:

Poor footwork-perhaps he scores on the 50/50 ball from Cutler week 2 in San Diego.

A lack of awareness: Does DVP know what the orange on the first down marker looks like?

Poor hands: DVP has been subpar at best since week 2 with his hands. Surely he caught a last second TD that meant nothing versus the Jets

Week 3, but let’s say he was hardly a difference maker versus the Saints week 4 in London-Dolphins were shutout.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe DVP adds a lot to the Dolphins offense vertically, but since the Dolphins have receivers they can count on-Stills, Landry, and perhaps Jakeem Grant; the Dolphins don’t need another player like DVP to drop passes and catch passes near the first down marker.

If I was ever most critical about DVP, it was on draft day and guess what- an even better receiver is also inactive tonight-his name is Mike Wallace (for the Ravens) and he complemented the Dolphins beautifully as a red zone and short pass threat.

If you asked me what should the Dolphins have done-they should’ve kept Brandon Marshall in 2012- but Philbin didn’t like alphas like him.

Fins Up!!! Go Dolphins!!!

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