Is it time for Matt Moore to be named the starter?

Plenty of Dolphins fans have been in a serious debate about the prospects of the Dolphins season and how it would potentially look with Matt Moore at the helm.

This much we know, Matt Moore’s fiery demeanor lead the Dolphins back from a 28-14 deficit to the New York Jets should warrant the opportunity to be the long term starter.

Moore’s two touchdown effort and go-ahead drive put the Dolphins in position to win the game with a field goal.

Alternatively, one week ago, people were applauding the Dolphins for their comeback win, but Jay Cutler did just enough-with the help of good field position to tie the Falcons with two touchdown passes in the red zone.

For one, a Cutler versus Moore comparison was best explained today by Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald. In fact, the longtime beat reporter of the Dolphins set his argument based on both Cutler and Moore versus the blitz. Even though Moore was able to get more production in a short amount of time, he did so with the nearly the same amount of plays (37 for Moore, 36 for Cutler).

In addition, what might be missed on some assessments of the game is the fact that the Jets were playing much more zone with a touchdown lead and when the Jets did rush, the Dolphins blocked better and were able to counter pass rush with quick passes by Moore who locked on his targets with ease.

Perhaps Moore had more success because of a continued film work and a work ethic that’s bar none. Moore has been working since day one each and every week depending on what his eyes tell him and anticipating what the Jets could do.

Moore might throw a better ball-catchable for the Dolphins receivers, but Cutler throws a crisp pass that can fit into tight windows in the defense.

Moore might have his back shoulder throws on point, but Cutler’s ability to scramble and move his feet-allows him more opportunities down field on deeper throws to gain more chunk yards as evidenced when big plays were needed in Atlanta and equally in San Diego.

Except, this season Cutler seems to play more guarded trying to take less chances and when he has thrown interceptions, they haven’t all been his fault, but they’ve stalled the offense greatly.

All in all, the Dolphins have a chance to reel off a nice win in Baltimore, on the road, in a place they don’t fear. The Dolphins are 2-1 on the road this season not counting London which they gave up a game in Hard Rock to play.

Any way you look at it, Moore versus Cutler will continue to be a debate unless hands down, the Dolphins beat Baltimore and beat the Raiders with Moore, if he gets his chance to shine.

Even though Moore wouldn’t admit it, he’d relish the opportunity to lead this team to the playoffs

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