Matt Moore leads comeback by throwing touchdowns and fans allegiance off kilter

Down goes Cutler!

The Miami Dolphins are now 4-2 and they’ve been through three starting quarterbacks since August. From Tannehill to Cutler and now to Matt Moore.

At this point, the Dolphins fans are bleary-eyed from not only refreshing their Twitter feeds, but debating if Cutler is better than Moore and who should start the next game this Thursday in Baltimore versus the Ravens.

Clearly, Matt Moore should be the favorite and there shouldn’t even be a question about it, but there still are questions about his consistency.

Things like unless “Moore plays like Marino” get thrown around like rag dolls because Dolphins reporters tend to do that.

Matt Moore took over in 3rd quarter for Cutler who suffered two cracked ribs per team reports.

Moore came in and led the team down the field after throwing an interception and found his rhythm on two touchdown drives finding all of his receivers, even Anthony Fasano over the middle.

Just like old times when Moore connected with Fasano in 2011.

Matt Moore turned heads in the 4th quarter and did something that Jay Cutler couldn’t do until last week in Atlanta-throw multiple touchdowns.

Consider what Moore did-drives of 5 plays of 44 yards in the 3rd quarter and then in the 4th quarter-4 plays of 42 yards.

Moore moved the ball with precision as if he was continuing where he left off last year during the regular season, never mind the playoff game in Pittsburgh.

Even with left tackle Laremy Tunsil out with a knee injury in the 3rd, Moore stood in the pocket and found receivers wide open picking apart in the Jets zone scheme.

Moore was fearless and clutch leading the Dolphins back after trailing 28-14 late in the 3rd quarter.

Enough about Moore though, Cutler should and will be Adam Gase’s guy.

After all, that’s what we all believed until we got yet another look at Matt Moore as he strode off the field a winner.

Photo Credit: ESPN

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