The resilient Dolphins outlast the Falcons 20-17 in second half comeback

What was said exactly at halftime, we will never know.  Down 17-0, the Dolphins put together a miracle comeback reminiscent of the days of Marino and equally impressive of last year’s 10-0 miracle comeback in Los Angeles versus the Rams in the 4th quarter.

Down 17 points at the half, the Dolphins hit rock bottom and had really two alternatives, win or lose risking everything.

Yesterday, the Dolphins chose to win at all costs with a me against the world mentality.

They chose to “strain” and fight until the very end capping their comeback with a game closing Reshad Jones-strip interception-assisted beautifully by rookie Cordrea Tankersley.

However, head coach Adam Gase relied on basically keeping everything simple-man on man offensively-hat on a hat that gave way to big gaps for running back Jay Ajayi to run through and onward to 130 yards rushing on 26 carries.

Ajayi basically carried the Dolphins in the first half when they had issues getting to the red zone.

Offensively, the Dolphins were not crisp in the first half and struggled mightily to catch the ball accounting for 6 drops-some by Landry, Stills, and even Ajayi.

After a dismal first half offensively, Jay Cutler quietly found a rhythm hitting Kenny Stills for gains and then found Damien Williams open on several occasions as he helped move the chains.

Let’s not forget about Jarvis Landry, no matter what, Gase orchestrated an offensive game plan where he was going to get the ball finishing with 8 receptions for 62 yards and a touchdown that got the Dolphins closer in the 4th quarter.  Landry, the focus of their offensive attack was targeted 14 times.

Finally, there was Jay Cutler.  Cutler has met the brunt of the Miami media.  Cutler was basically written off at the half by every single commentator on CBS Sports where each one wanted to see Matt Moore give the Dolphins a spark.

The Dolphins certainly are a stubborn bunch of players whom emulate their coach Adam Gase is stubborn, persistent, and takes on that us against the world mentality.

Down 17-0, many Dolphins fans wanted to write off the team and considered the game “unwatchable.”

One thing is for sure, the Dolphins, no matter the score are a resilient bunch.

In the end, the emotions always come out after a big play leading to a big win-as Reshad Jones said from the bench toward the crowd-“This is my State.”

Enough said Reshad.

On to the Jets at home in what could prove to be a knock down and drag out fight on the field for 60 minutes.

Landry versus Falcons 2017

Photo Credit: ESPN: Wide Receiver Jarvis Landry scores a touchdown to make the score 17-13 Falcons, Dolphins won 20-17 in second half comeback.

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