Opinion: Jarvis Landry has spoken-what heck does it mean?

Last season is last season and the Dolphins can continue to print up shirts that have slogans that I can’t repeat on this family website.

Every Dolphins fan can take solace that if they didn’t have an opinion-Dolphins Twitter wouldn’t be any fun.

Irregardless of what’s said-people we’re quick to anoint Jay Cutler as the savior of the Franchise and screamed that he was better than Ryan Tannehill.

At this point, Cutler isn’t better than Cleo Lemon for the Dolphins. Maybe Ray Lucas could be better. Heck-Brian Griese had an even better run starting a few games. Remember Joey Harrington???

The Dolphins have tiptoed into the season, waded in the deep end of the ocean if you will and learned early on that the Jets are a formidable foe, now winning three in a row. Perhaps some film watching of New England shows that they can win on a short week after losing a game which they should’ve won.

Do you think they’re poised for a nice 8 game run?

Next, while the team won’t admit it, the transgression of offensive line coach Chris Foerster certainly cast a shadow that not even bullygate could top, but hey “it’s the NFL,” was a satisfactory sound bite by head coach Adam Gase who basically was ready to fire his friend, but didn’t have to because he called before he could. Dare I say that sounds like a bunch of hogwash now that went down, but Ok, he’s the head coach-so it must be true.

Just when being 2-2 actually meant something promising, it feels like the Dolphins are circling the drain and might be ready to start scouting a QB to replace Matt Moore and eventually Ryan Tannehill when his contract is up or he or the Dolphins cry uncle.

If it’s any consolation, Jarvis Landry basically said what Aaron Rodgers said-Relax- but called Dolphins fans at the game “embarrassing” when they screamed they wanted Moore.

What’s embarrassing was the fact that even though he leads the offense in receptions, that was his first touchdown this season and you wonder why he’s no better than a franchise tag possibility at this point.

Did Landry miss the days of Let’s go Heat at Dolphins games?

Here’s what Landry means-sit down! Shut up! There’s a lot of football left.

Yes, let me tell you how much football is left-Dolphins play 3 televised games after this weekend.

They get to play on a Thursday, Sunday, and then on a Monday.

I’d be very wary and embarrassed if the Dolphins flat out embarrass themselves and head into a tail spin.

16 straight games-an experiment for all to witness a potential debacle.

What will Adam Gase and his players say then?

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