Dolphins lack juice, fall to Jets 20-6

The Miami Dolphins played their worst football of the season and lost to the former winless Jets 20-6.

On a day where anti-President Trump protests filled the NFL sidelines and camera angles, the Dolphins looked out of synch, off script, and lacked the energy that head coach Adam Gase talks up with with team.

Today, the Dolphins never lead and instead let the game slip away losing both the first and second quarter and not converting a 3rd down until late in the 4th quarter.

Bottom line, the Dolphins didn’t have the same level of physical play they showed versus the Chargers in week 2.

Dolphins fans who wish to blame Adam Gase for not preparing the team well enough, should blame their head coach.

After all, Gase for one brought in Jay Cutler to allow the Dolphins to be successful. Rather, Cutler, who looked like a better player than Tannehill week one only to fall from grace and look like bad Cutler ( the former Bears quarterback) with protection miscues, constantly directing traffic with his receivers and tight ends by putting them in the right spot, and footwork issues such as throwing off his back foot most of the time leading to several misfires. 26 of 44 won’t get the job done for the Dolphins who’s offense is better suited as a balance between run and pass.

Even seasoned fans were calling for a Cutler benching and calling for mister closer-Matt Moore who was ready to come in if need be.

Whether Gase will bench Jay Cutler is anyone’s guess. At this point heading into the game versus the Saints in London, the Dolphins are better off trying to see what Jay Cutler can do versus a very bad defense in the Saints.

Even when Cutler seemed to find a rhythm with his receivers, he threw his first touchdown of the afternoon with no time left to DeVante Parker.

Surely, you can point to Jay Ajayi rushing for a paltry 16 yards or Kenny Stills bobbles and drops. You can’t say that Cutler didn’t target his receivers, but the Jets were physical with Landry who’s so good at taking the fight back to the defense.

More than anything this game was bizarre and the Dolphins were basically out coached in every way possible by a seasoned coach in Todd Bowles who had his defense dialed in and amped up to destroy the Dolphins.

At this point, one thing is for certain, the Dolphins lacked a willingness to want to win this game based on player body language and no excuses should be made-but they will be and an argument can be made that while the Dolphins were unified at the start of the game after locking arms for the protest, some Dolphins players just had nothing left after dealing with being called out by a President who decided to bring the conversation of not standing for the anthem part of his agenda.

For now, the Dolphins will need to re-group and work together as a team to keep from spiraling out of control because losing to the Jets just is flat out embarrassing.

Next up, the Saints in London and the Dolphins must be ready to handle Drew Brees.

Photo credit: Miami Herald

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