OPINION: Dolphins game not being played is a blessing in disguise

Ask me if I care?  Ask me what really matters?

I don’t care about the Miami Dolphins.  Not today and not tomorrow as in for the next week.

I care about the people of Miami, the people of all of South Florida who stand to lose more than a game, but their livelihood.

I care about my family and friends in the path of hurricane Irma.

The Miami Dolphins game not being played for fear of a category 4 or 5 hurricane is warranted.

Some journalists want to spin this idea that Stephen Ross called the shots on this one and genuinely cares about only making money for seven home games.

Maybe, but it sounds a little far-fetched to me since the Stephen Ross we’ve seen is more about the community and more about the well-being about his philanthropy within the community.  Think RISE. Think his emphasis on the community as a whole and how the Dolphins players are a reflection of it through their work.

The Miami Dolphins, from the beginning of the week should not have had to worry about football or the fact that they could play whenever or wherever.

No, the Miami Dolphins players, coaches, and all staff should be worried about one thing…their family and friends.

Today I heard Dolphins fans moan and groan that they could not see their team this week.

I heard certain radio personalities complain that the Dolphins are at a disadvantage because other teams will get their bye and the Dolphins have none.

I’ve seen reporters whom I respect, share their thoughts in that Adam Gase should get a medal or an award or get coach of the year having to endure a stretch of 16 games coached/played.

Meanwhile, players who are human lest we forget, are celebrating the fact they have a bye week and can help their family stay safe.  Whether it be flying to another location, boarding up windows, or shopping for groceries; people need to heed all warnings.

The players you see are creatures of habit and basically telling them what to do or not do is how they operate.  Football is king to them for 9-10 months out of the year including all the training that goes into being in the best shape for the season.

Right now, the only thing that Dolphins fans should be about is family and making sure they are safe.

We don’t know how Hurricane Irma will affect all of South Florida or the State of Florida, but if it does hit like Andrew did in 1992, it could change lives and communities.

Only then maybe people will recognize the word empathy again instead of stupid fantasy football scores and meaningless football games.

My prayers and thoughts are with everyone in Florida including first responders who are ready and willing to help whenever and wherever…because they care.


Photo Credit: Si.com

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