Dolphins striking out on Haden could be a sign of bad things to come

Competition. It’s a funny thing.

Competition between two different locales Pittsburgh and the beaches of Miami.

Miami usually wins out, right?

The Miami Dolphins today came up a dollar short, 7 million to be exact for the services of Joe Haden who was released by the Cleveland Browns.

Haden quickly headed down the road to Pittsburgh where he signed a deal this afternoon in clearly a whirlwind of emotions and change.

Haden who played 18 out of the final 32 games for the Browns was sought after former Florida Gator Mike Pouncey, but clearly Maurkice Pouncey won that battle with a little brotherly battle.

The Dolphins meanwhile are short a corner if both Reshad Jones (safety) and Byron Maxwell can’t get along.

It’s a he said- he said of who the heck was supposed to cover Torrey Smith last week in Philadelphia.

It was an alarming sight as both players converged but Jones did nothing to stop Smith who was already past him for the 50 yard touchdown.

Maxwell clearly is a goat right now in the Dolphins fans eyes.

If Maxwell can’t get the job done, would the Dolphins just roll with what they have on the depth chart-McCain-Tankersley?

How quickly they forget how Maxwell vaulted the Dolphins upward in the standings locking down receivers and forcing turnovers a long the way.

How quickly fans turn on Maxwell when they see exactly what he did, Rose up after getting benched. Found a way to compete.

He earned everything last season making amends and collecting interceptions along the way.

Let’s not forget, Gase was seen as a genius for benching him and getting every single ounce out of him until he was too hurt physically to play in the last couple of games (one a playoff game).

Yep, that same Maxwell. Same guy is now getting the blame because of his huge contract that the Dolphins picked up in a trade.

Same guy.

The question remains-will this Maxwell play like he did in weeks one – four of last season or will he play better and overcome the odds against him.

At this point, the Dolphins need Byron Maxwell rise up again and compete or someone else will.

Photo credit: Palm Beach Post-AP Photo Wilfredo Lee

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