Does Jarvis Landry deserve better from Dolphins?

It’s Sunday August 27th and the Miami Dolphins Twitter is flying off the handle about Landry and his Gang Gang after hearing the rumors swirl about a potential trade.

It’s all about Landry and how a rather interesting report via NFL Trade Rumors, a website that does quite well if measured in followers (134K) by their Twitter account and visibility on my timeline.

In fact, not long after NFL Trade Rumors did their blast of the Dolphins “Listening to trade offers tour,” the Ringer’s Mike Lombardi threw gasoline on the fire and upped the ante that the Dolphins are “seriously listening to trade offers.”

Why is Landry taking the heat from a lot of columnists in the know and why are people like Mike Lombardi breaking news? Not to discredit Lombardi, but when you hear Trade rumors that come from him, you think two things-Raiders or Patriots.

Immediately following Lombardi’s report, Mike Florio said there is zero truth to the rumor.

Why is Landry being an either or scenario and being compared to DeVante Parker?

It’s very interesting in a sort of telling fashion that the Dolphins’ Stephen Ross basically says that the Dolphins aren’t offering a new deal nor are they trading him, but rather they will look to franchise him.

Stephen Ross knows exactly what he’s saying. He knows he has the leverage. Even if franchising is quite the expense-15 plus million dollars.

Stephen Ross down to his coach Adam Gase has the leverage to tell his player today at practice “you’re not getting traded.”

So what’s the deal with Landry? Why all this fuss? Why the comparisons to DeVante Parker who hasn’t been able to remain healthy for two seasons?

For one, Jay Cutler doesn’t throw to Landry. When he did throw to Landry, he wasn’t the first option.

Cutler loves to let it fly deep and have receivers go up for the ball-Landry can catch the balls thrown above and behind him, but maybe Cutler doesn’t prefer Landry.

Cutler compliments DeVante Parker more than Landry and when he was asked how he knew of Parker’s ability-I found out “day one.”

As Adam Gase said today-Jarvis Landry makes “football plays.”

Need a shot in the arm to the running game?

Boom! Landry is there to move the chains.

Can’t throw deep, chuck it down to Landry-he’ll stretch the field and make others miss.

Red Zone? No problem, Landry is there and can even make a catch and have a worthwhile celebration after scoring.

So again, why continue to diss Landry in the media?

Right now, the Dolphins have the leverage. They don’t need Landry to cave to any deal. They don’t have to offer.

In fact, if the Dolphins hold their cards close to their vest, who the heck cares what Lombardi says comes from a high placed source.

As the Patriots need a slot receiver-Landry fits what Julian Edelmann does.

However, that high place source could be pivotal come a slow start and the Dolphins wish to add another pass rusher or linebacker in the draft.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Let’s hope the Dolphins get it right and give Landry a deal he’ll be happy with.

Could the Dolphins move on from Landry?

Nah, that would be stupid now and stupid later.

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