Jordan Westerkamp shines even if no one is watching

Right there in Miami Dolphins training camp is a gem of sorts, a diamond in the rough.

Nowhere to be found is the complete story.

Westerkamp's story or Westy as he was called in his 4 years as a Nebraska Cornhusker.

Husker football stands for excellence from the weight room to the classroom. The motto: "Husker Power" exemplifies the academic side is acknowledged and celebrated as much as the state of the art nutrition and strength program.

The "team" concept that is synonymous with the Miami Dolphins greatest foe-the New England Patriots-is present at all times.

Which is why, some fans need to know who Westy is before it's too late and he's on to the next NFL stop.

The reality-Westerkamp who is from Chicago, made his name known in Lincoln's Memorial Stadium on the eve of a seemingly desperate moment. With Tommy Armstrong getting his bearings as a starter- Ron Kellogg III, the senior entered the game for one final play versus Northwestern. With the Huskers seemingly out of options, it didn't take much other than a Hail Mary heave from Kellogg and Westerkamp holding onto the ball for dear life after it was tipped into the endzone to put his name on the map in 2013.

Since that legendary game-winning score versus Northwestern, Westerkamp is kind of like that old 90's tune by Chumbawamba "Tubthumping"-Where Westerkamp gets "knocked down" but "gets right up again…"

As a Husker fan first hand, and there aren't too many of us Dolphins and Huskers fans around-Westerkamp quite literally exited and entered games like a game of hockey on line changes, but mainly because of injuries to his chest, legs, arms, and shoulders.

While he continued to make that slow climb as one of the most prolific Wideouts in Husker history, he battled injuries in-game and in-week.

However when everything was said and done-Westerkamp finished his career ranked 2nd in receptions with 167, 4th in yards with 2,474, 4th in Touchdowns with 18, and a tie for 2nd with 8 100-yard games (

Clearly, the impact was not only felt on the football field, but also in the classroom where Westerkamp made the honor roll five times, earned the Sports Science Newton reward for reaction in 2015, and various prestigious citizenship awards named after the late Brook Berringer and legendary coach Tom Osborne.

What's more, this is all before being undrafted and overlooked masking his perseverance, attitude, and toughness.

31 teams passed except for the Cleveland Browns, but then cut him after rookie minicamp.

To which Westerkamp shrugged off and said to Land of 10: "At Cleveland, I gave 100 percent and gave everything I had. Yeah, the way things are going, it’s tough. I’m not going to let it keep me down.”

Then, the Buccaneers reached out, but only for a moment did he get a chance to see what he could do in OTAs.

Cut again-adding more for pages to his story.

Enter an injury to the Dolphins seventh round draft pick-wide receiver Isaiah Ford who entered camp with a swollen knee.

Westerkamp got the call, available and continuing to work past his limits and set aside any tweak here or there to his legs that took him out of games in college.

Tonight, as the Dolphins play the Falcons, while fans will be looking to see how the offensive line looks with subs or the linebackers look, it's conceivable that one player at the right time could get the call.

All Westy needs is a breakout catch, just like in 2013.

Photo Credit: The Omaha World Herald-Travis Heying.

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