Dolphins need to expedite their quarterback search because “Right Now” isn’t working

“Right Now” Matt Moore is the starter-the words of head coach Adam Gase yesterday after practice.

The Miami Dolphins have been built to win right now and losing Ryan Tannehill potentially for the season shouldn’t change the goal set forth by the team-to win Right Now.

To beat New England twice as the heart and soul Jarvis Landry of the Dolphins challenged the team with his prophetic words.

As it stands, all quarterback Ryan Tannehill can do to help the Dolphins right now is get healthy, whether that means surgery or rehab for the next few months.  You can bet that Tannehill will get right and be prepared to compete as he has since being drafted in 2012.

So, Right Now as the title of this post indicates is the 2017 season.

All Dolfans have been in refresh mode of Twitter and some carrots have been extended namely by ESPN’s Jeff Darlington since Thursday afternoon.

However, Jeff Darlington has intimated that the Dolphins are taking their time because they can-meaning that they wish to get this right.

Darlington’s latest tweet demonstrates that the Dolphins-all parties (Head coach, GM &VP, and Ryan Tannehill) are working to make the best decision on if Jay Cutler is the right fit for the team.

Consequently, the Dolphins are striving to get the best player to start for the Dolphins and Cutler fits that profile.

Expediting the process of searching for a quarterback that one-fits the Dolphins offensive scheme and the locker room, meanwhile it’s smart to due all the due-diligence necessary; could prove risky should another team wish to sign Colin Kaepernick.

Yes that’s right-Kaepernick who has been passed over by every NFL team after being cut by the 49ers, is still there and wishes to play for an NFL team-this season.

What is it about Kaepernick that is so polarizing for NFL teams that he hasn’t yet signed?  While it might be surprising, his record as a starter the past two seasons (3-16) isn’t favorable.  Next, he’s been both silently supportive of protest of the national anthem and somewhat controversial as far as his radical and supportive views of Fidel Castro-not a great solution to garnering support of the Miami Dolphins Cuban fans at the outset, but if the Dolphins win, who knows!

While Kaepernick might have more experience in the playoffs than Jay Cutler, but at this point unless the Dolphins cannot get a deal done with Cutler or he decides to stick with FOXSports, then perhaps there is a fallback option with Kaep.

However, this is where it gets interesting-Doug Farrar of Bleacher Report back in June wrote a dynamic piece on Kaepernick and made a case for being able to offer a lot to an NFL team.

Kaepernick was close to being signed by Seattle who ultimately opted for Austin Davis-a quarterback who has moved around the NFL and had less starts and success than Kaepernick.

As of this point, Jay Cutler is available and he and his people and or mutually reached out to the Dolphins and Head Coach Gase.

Coach Gase said after the scrimmage-“He’s interested” and there are certainly a lot of things to think about.  Gase in addition said that he was “surprised” that he was being contacted.

After the scrimmage, one thing is clear-Matt Moore is not the answer and the offense- the one that we are accustomed to showing consistency lacks the “juice” that Head Coach Gase refers to.  From the little bit of footage that I saw of the scrimmage, Moore started off poorly with a pick 6 to Xavien Howard (good to see him healthy) and then Moore drove down the team to a quick score finding Landry for a quick snap touchdown.

For the Dolphins, searching the market for a quarterback decides this season and perhaps the next if Ryan Tannehill isn’t fully recovered.

Get it right Dolphins, get it right.

Feel free to follow us on @FinsFreelance on Twitter.  On Monday we’ll be at Dolphins Training Camp!

Fins Up!!!


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