Is Ryan Tannehill’s knee good to go for 2017?

No one thought the 2017 off-season would be free of distractions, but the "New Miami" Dolphins have been largely drama free.

While certain teams such as the Dallas Cowboys have broken days without arrest meter tracked on Pro Football Talk, the Dolphins players have been model citizens.

On Monday, two major news updates serve noticed to all Dolfans: an interview with Stephania Bell of ESPN about Ryan Tannehill's knee injury from last season and Koa Misi being placed on IR on Tuesday. No one knows if Misi's career is over as a Dolphin or done for good in the NFL.

During the interview conducted by James Walker of ESPN, the interview revealed the riskiness of Tannehill playing with a knee brace and on a knee that was not surgically repaired. Stephania Bell is one of the best experts when it comes to injury analysis in the sports world. The big take away from the interview was how she shed light on the exactitude of Tannehill's ACL injury and how perhaps the growing trend of modern athletes is that or undergoing stem-cell therapy.

For one, Tannehill chose not to have surgery after receiving the best advice from many medical professionals including Dr. James Andrews. Next, the knee brace has become less of a hinderance as we've seen NFL quarterbacks (Brady, Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck) not have issues moving in and out of the pocket with the brace on. In Walker's interview with Bell, Bell intimated that the brace is more for the "athlete's mental confidence" than a form of prevention.

The entire interview can be found here.

Why is Tannehill's knee health a big deal at the moment?

It's become a huge topic of discussion because the Dolphins are in a sense, a re-injury away, from not being competitive in 2017.

One should not forget that just last year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for the Vikings had a non-contact injury in practice and had a horrific ACL tear a week before week 1 of the regular season. The Vikings burned a high draft pick to get Sam Bradford from Philadelphia just in time for week one and just to remain competitive.

No one on the Miami Dolphins wants to talk about Tannehill and the knee injury, including Head coach Adam Gase.

Gase said in his press conference with reporters that he'd like us to "ask the doctor" and "see how that goes (referring to Tannehill's health)."

For one, this question is going to come up and whether it serves as a distraction depends entirely on the production of Ryan Tannehill and the rest of the offense.

The questions remain and on the eve of camp-Dolphins will roll out to their first training camp practice with a seemingly healthy Tannehill.

However, if Tannehill struggles mightily to be the same player he was pre-injury-mobile, able to run for first downs; that's when as a fan, you panic and you wonder if the Dolphins were right in their assessment of draft and their faith in Tannehill's complete recovery.

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