For Jarvis Landry-Actions are proving louder than words

Whether it’s just to get paid or to make a statement, football players can decide what will send the biggest message to an NFL front office. 

Here’s the message that Jarvis Landry has for the Miami Dolphins: 

“I want to focus,” Landry said Monday at a conference unveiling his brand new signature line of backpacks. 

“I believe that Miami is where I want to be. Miami is the place I call home. I want to be able to give my all mentally, physically and emotionally this season. Once the season starts I just want to put all that behind me and win the Super Bowl.”

Landry later added his reasons for wanting to be in Miami and ultimately get this deal done: taking care of his “mom and family.”

Grant it, Landry could’ve mailed it in and trained on his own instead of attending all OTAs and minicamp. Landry instead served as a leader in the wide receiver room and built continued rapport with his offensive unit, a regimen that deserves being rewarded to the tune of top 10 receiver money. 

If the Miami Dolphins expect to compete well-into the future, it’s this attitude that’s refreshing and a part of why Landry is so well-liked by fans and his pundits. 

No one can question the Landry mentality that he leaves everything-blood, sweat, and tears -on the field. 

No one can question his work ethic and extra motivation competing with his pal Odell Beckham Jr at LSU and in a fun way in the NFL and on two very different stages-the microscope of the New York area versus South Florida a more laid back environment.  

I’d argue that Landry is the better investment long term because of his maturity beyond his years in how he conducts himself on and off the field.  

Landry after three seasons has 288 receptions, the same number of catches as his pal OBJ, just less touchdowns with 13. 

Last season’s fight to the end zone taking on several Rams to get on the board in a tough game offensively, showed the strength and the will to win of Landry. 

When taking on Landry defenders have to gang-tackle him to the ground and truly it’s like taking on two players instead of just one undersized ultra talented receiver. 

What Landry brings to the game of football cannot be questioned: Leadership, toughness, and a can-do attitude as in can-do anything you ask of him and then some. 

Surely at times Landry has seemed to go off script and do his own freelance work on end zone celebrations after scoring big time touchdowns, but who are we kidding-we absolutely love his enthusiasm for the games as fans. 

So to Jarvis Landry, do your thing young man, play hard as always and the rewards will follow. 

If the Dolphins want winners in their locker room, signing Jarvis Juice Landry is the final step to getting back to the postseason. 

Fins Up!!!

Feel free to come back for training camp articles in the end of July! 

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