2017 Dolphins have reasons for newfound optimism

The New Miami.  What does it mean exactly?  What is the buy-in on “Zero-in?”

These are the new and improved mantras if you will, for the 2017 Miami Dolphins.  2016 featured “Strain” and was adorned by many players and even head coach Adam Gase.

The 2017 season needs to live up to this idea of “Zero-In” with two wins versus the Patriots-we have have Jarvis Landry to thank for that…Peter King as well.

Zeroing in and focusing is what some Miami reporters have dubbed flushing out the 2016 season which had remarkable results despite being swept by the New England Patriots and making the playoffs.

We’ve seen teams bury the dead (New Orleans Saints) so to speak and move onto the next season. We’ve seen teams recover (Houston Oilers 1996) from embarrassing playoff losses-A NEW ATTITUDE- and bounce back from playoff losses or psychologically at least.

It has been evident with free-agency and re-signings that the Dolphins have a new outlook and something to build on based on their 2016 season.

However, all of this positivity really goes absolutely nowhere without results-winning football games.

Do the Dolphins have a fanbase that will sell out future home games if they start 1-4 again?

Should Stephen Ross be worried if the Dolphins have to open in New England and might wear an 0-1 record due to poor play, jammed signals, and miscommunication at the line of scrimmage?

Can the Dolphins afford to have Ryan Tannehill have yet another slow start and expect big play down the stretch from his coaches?

We still haven’t seen Tannehill play well in December since he missed much of it due to his ACL injury, but that’s not his fault.  He endured an up and down season and played better when the pressure was off and he had a running back that could do damage in Jay Ajayi.  Tannehill played his best football arguably and if he had been healthy, perhaps the Dolphins could have finished 11-5 and clinched the division. Perhaps.

Surely there are more questions than answers, but in reality-the focus by the players is there.

The new Miami Dolphins who came in this week did yoga, mobility training, and several kettle bell exercises.  However they did it as a team (was Suh present?) and with a focus that hasn’t been there in several years.

The New Miami and Zeroing in means nothing more than there is a plan.  That plan is to win football games and do so with the talent that is on the roster and with a blue print that is purely head coach Adam Gase’s.

The New Miami-it’s a refreshing outlook that with some grueling hard work means winning football.

Adam Gase Interview Combine 2017

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