Surprise surprise Kenny Stills is back in Miami!

So there you have it! On the eve of free agency in the NFL (a.k.a. New League Year) the Dolphins have re-signed Kenny Stills to a 4 year-32 million dollar contract with 20 million guaranteed.

Stills returns to a Dolphins offense that was bolstered by a new approach by head coach Adam Gase and a steadily improving quarterback in Ryan Tannehill. 

While the market could have surged to 12 million per year for Stills’ services, he chose to stay in the New Miami.

The Dolphins are being called the New Miami and rightly so. 

Since when have the Dolphins ever been viewed as a destination to win games versus what type ocean front property can be purchased? 

At this point in the night, the Dolphins are showing they are far from done as they’ve re-signed defensive end Andre Branch and are working to sign linebacker Kiko Alonso long term. 

Bringing everybody back, and a happy time for Gase, Grier, and Tannenbaum who are demonstrating the plan is in place and in place for the long term. 

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