Why potentially trading Branden Albert isn’t good business

Last season, I had a chance to catch the Miami Dolphins live for the second consecutive year…in San Diego.

While the Dolphins proved that running the ball would be a mighty task, something stuck out about that game despite Kiko Alonso’s (¡vamos coño!) late game heroics.   For one, the Dolphins moved the ball in the air just enough to keep things close.

However, after getting back home and processing exactly what happened, the Dolphins were without Branden Albert for a time during the game and he came back in despite a broken wrist.

Albert embodies that alpha-male mentality and is a true beast on the football field. Off the field, he’s a true gentleman.  Words cannot express what he meant to this team and to Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore down the stretch.  Surely, he can’t be cut for not performing in Pittsburgh, but then again, the NFL is a performance business and the Dolphins have Laremy Tunsil ready to go at tackle.

Protecting the blind side is one of the most difficult tasks for a skill position player and since being welcomed to Miami, Albert has shown nothing but hard word, determination, and most of all- class.

So for the Dolphins to leak to the media, or rather someone in Albert’s camp to make it appear that he was getting released; it’s truly a low blow and a classless move and quite possibly the collateral damage that comes with not performing in the Dolphins final three games.

When the 2017 Dolphins look at their line, they potentially don’t have an answer at guard and now slide Laremy Tunsil over to Albert’s tackle position which undoubtedly opens up yet another hole.  They quite possibly have more uncertainty this season without knowing if Mike Pouncey can handle a 16 game season at Center and Bushrod might not be coming back at right guard.

I get that the Dolphins wish to continue success in 2017 with another playoff run, but at the expense of Branden Albert is a sleezy way to do business and shows a lack of vision on the part of Tannenbaum, Grier, and sadly…Coach Gase.

A vision that remains clouded to the average fan and a vision that remains clouded with uncertainty on the defensive side of the ball.

Stay classy Miami Dolphins and don’t let the door hit you on the way down to the cellar of the AFC East.


Photo Credit: Miami Herald

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