Offseason roundup: Have the Dolphins lost the bidding for Kenny Stills?

Before you read further know this, the Miami Dolphins had a phenomenal season finishing 10-6 and making the playoffs. 

Kenny Stills, the Miami Dolphins free agent receiver had monumental impact on this 2016 season scoring 9 touchdowns and becoming the go-to deep threat the Dolphins offense has needed since the days of Tony Martin, Irving Fryar, and Chris Chambers. Notice I didn’t bother including the old number 11. 

However, what’s very unclear is the buyer beware sign could be hanging over Kenny Stills head as many receivers look to flood the market and could set the price for a free agent wideout. 

If Stills’ agent is doing his job, he’s doing his due diligence on what teams can fit Kenny’s skill set best-catching medium to deep passes and which teams plan to show him the money. 

One of those teams undoubtedly will be the Miami Dolphins, but don’t be surprised if the Philadelphia Eagles find a way to get Kenny into the building and engage in conversation about contract. 

For weeks on end, there has been this link with the Eagles and how they can best match 2016 draft pick- quarterback Carson Wentz who possesses many talents such as a strong arm, uncanny ability to sense pressure, and finally use his legs to get yards. 

The Eagles in addition, seem like an incredible landing spot and could be a nice home for Stills who could appreciate being paid top dollar. The Eagles with a glaring need at wideout could prove to be a major contender for Stills. 

Don’t forget that west coast vibe that could be pulling Stills to his home state of California. He could be a key cog in either the Northern or Southern California markets. 

Of course Dolphins Twitter is lined up to aim and fire at me at will as a “fantasy GM”; the Dolphins would have to do some financial maneuvering to sneak Stills under the cap with looming deals with younger players such as Jarvis Landry and Laremy Tunsil who in the future aims to be making Tackle money.

Don’t expect the Dolphins to get Stills on the cheap. Stills won’t come cheap and doesn’t seem likely to give a hometeam discount with quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the mend from a torn ACL and MCL. Quarterback and who can pass him the ball makes all the difference. 

Never mind that the Dolphins have had a good run with Stills who was healthy this season and a difference maker. 

Never mind that DeSean Jackson is available and now recently Victor Cruz who was recently dropped by the New York Giants. 

Could the Dolphins go and look at cheaper veteran talents to give Tannehill and the offensive master mind that is Adam Gase? 

Consider this for a moment-last season Dolphins fans clamored for re-signing Rishard Matthews and Lamar Miller. Both asked for a little more than the Dolphins were willing to spend. 
As it turned out, it didn’t matter that the Dolphins didn’t keep them. They still found ways to creatively incorporate Damien Williams and got big rushing production from running back Jay Ajayi in their offensive scheme and got the most out of Stills as a deep threat. 

We’ve see than replacing talent in Miami under the Tannenbaum-Grier-Gase model isn’t an issue nor should we expect it to be with the Dolphins outperforming offensively with lesser known talents. 

 At this point, how high can the Dolphins go to re-sign Stills? Some are saying 6.5 million per year, which by most estimates by those in the know that cover the Dolphins-seems a little too low. 

Then there is this idea that haunts most Dolfans- overspending could lead to the Brian Hartline factor the minute someone bigger, stronger, and faster comes along in the draft. Hartline, if you remember was signed for big dollars (5 yr. 31 million) following the 2012 season. In fact, he was the missing piece of the puzzle that would later feature Mike Wallace, a disastrous duo and eventually a lack of productivity and a new GM led to his departure and trade to Cleveland.   

Right now there are several talents not yet explored on the receiver market, the question is does it mean NEXT for Kenny Stills as in his next team. 

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