Dolphins disappointed versus Steelers 30-12

18 points.  The final deficit as the Dolphins ran a draw and put up the white flag on a 4th and 37.

12- the amount of points that Las Vegas said the Dolphins would lose by versus the suddenly alive Pittsburgh Steelers.

That was the Steelers of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990’s.

That was the Steelers of old right there in both halves, wreaking havoc for the Dolphins offensive line and giving Pro Bowl left tackle Branden Albert fits with one of their old veterans-James Harrison.  Harrison and undersized and under-appreciated hero of the game with 1.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

That’s it, that’s the season.  There is no sugar-coating it.  There is no gloating about what could have been.

Quarterback Matt Moore played like Jekyl and Hyde.  When it seemed the moment got too big for him he panicked and threw an interception or fumbled a ball.

Better Moore failing than seeing our franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill fail and be left for dead with those sacks and fumbles right?

Not even Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills could help the Dolphins overcome the turnovers.  Landry finished with 11 receptions for 102 yards and Stills made some big catches (5 receptions for 82), but couldn’t get to the end zone.

It’s an ugly feeling when you know you got your butt kicked as a team and so while there is some hope, the Dolphins truly over achieved this season versus seemingly weaker competition.

Next season however, expect a tougher stretch of games and expect a healthy Ryan Tannehill who will be determined to be ready.

It’s hard to fault Moore for wanting to finish the game and a drive after being drilled by Alvin Dupree of the Steelers-a late hit that drew a flag as he hit Moore under the chin.  A message, a message that the Steelers weren’t going to be pushed around as they nearly shut out the Dolphins from scoring touchdowns in the red zone.

0- The number of playoff wins on the road since??? Seattle with Dan Marino in 1999 coming back with players like JJ Johnson and Oronde Gadsden.  I guess I had to bring that up.

Here’s to a much better 2017-18 season because in spite of it all, the Dolphins should have never been here and that gives this franchise a much needed boost with a great coach in Adam Gase who is there to right the ship and lead them to another playoff run.

It won’t be easy.

Pop in the film, re-live how it feels to lose pathetically in two out of three phases of the game and refuse to give in, work, and get it right.

There isn’t a pity party in Miami.  Nor should there be with a lot promise that lies ahead.


(Photo Credit-Miami Herald)

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