To play Tannehill or not, that is the question

I am not a Shakespearean Poet and while I have affinity for the all important playwright, but I believe that playing Ryan Tannehill is going to be the debate starting today.

Earlier today, as I was watching the Patriots take apart the Miami Dolphins, I noticed something interesting:

Something that only astute and observant Dolphins fans notice-sideline behavior.

I am not talking about the chatter that head coach Adam Gase talks about on the sidelines.  Today it looked so so and body language wasn’t the greatest, but what I am talking about is Ryan Tannehill.

For one, after Matt Moore’s first quarter interception, a poorly advised sling-shot of a throw right into the waiting hands of corner back Logan Ryan, Tannehill kept his distance as Moore and head coach Adam Gase discussed the play.

As Tannehill watched the exchange take place, I noticed a blue ballpoint pen sitting in the hand of Tannehill as he took notes on what he saw taking place during the game.

For one, Tannehill could have been taking notes on the Patriots offense and what they do and when-completely legal.  Or perhaps Tannehill could have been taking notes on the Patriots defensive fronts.

By far, this Dolphins team is the most complete team we’ve ever seen since 2008 and working to retain impending free agents is the name of the game to the offseason.  For now, head coach Adam Gase has two quarterbacks whom he can dangle in the eyes of the media that can play versus Pittsburgh.

What’s more, Gase has Matt Moore, more than prepared to take the reins of his offense and go into Pittsburgh with a small sample size of this season and an overall record of 8-5 in his career.  The film don’t lie and Moore has shown that his veteran leadership is infectious and has even hit another level winning big and important games in December going 3-1.  Moore going 3-1 as a Dolphins starter should be big news when media outside of Miami counted the Dolphins out with two tough road contests versus the Jets and Bills.

Next, Moore while he has a tendency to make some poor decisions by forcing the football downfield, could get a huge lift with a run-heavy offense where Gase could feature three running backs-Jay Ajayi, Damien Williams, and Kenyan Drake as a part of his game plan.  All three backs present advantages at different stages of a drive where Williams and Drake could loom large inside the 20 catching the football.

If Moore is declared the starter this week, don’t be surprised if Ryan Tannehill practices well enough and is a game time decision.

Head coach Adam Gase probably already knows what he plans to do, but will not tip his hand nor he shouldn’t.

It’s truly debatable which quarterback gives the Dolphins the best chance to win: Food for thought-Tannehill is 2-0 at home and away versus the Steelers.

If the Dolphins play Ryan Tannehill, know this, this Miami Dolphins team wants to get a win in Pittsburgh and they will work toward that goal of being 1-0 in the playoffs.

Final note: The Dolphins face the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1PM Eastern on Sunday on CBS.


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