Happy Holidays to us: Dolphins clinch playoff berth

By virtue of tonight’s 33-10 win by the Kansas City Chiefs, the Miami Dolphins have clinched the 6th seed of the 2017 playoffs. 

Never did fans think that after a 1-4 start and some serious soul searching, would the Dolphins clinch the playoff berth, but going 9-1 and having that winning feeling behind Adam Gase’s faith in the team, does that. 

While various scenarios exist to move to the 5th seed, one involves beating the Patriots in a seemingly meaningless game for the Patriots. Plus the Chargers would need to win their final home game in San Diego…versus the Chiefs. 

The impact could mean a road game facing the Steelers or the Texans. 

While Dolphins fans prefer the Texans some how someway, familiar opponents such as the Steelers bode well compared to the Texans who have some offensive weapons that are difficult to matchup with. 

All I can say is #FinsUp #BringontheAFC #We’regoingtotheplayoffs 

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