Please Miami, don’t make the playoffs! 

This post in reality, isn’t meant to offend anyone. It isn’t meant to lessen nor render worthless the job that head coach Adam Gase has done nor the efficiency that the Dolphins front office has worked with to get the Dolphins winning.

Winning. It’s an important component to getting into the playoffs and being rewarded for your accomplishments as a football team.

Right now, after a less than surprising lackluster effort in Baltimore as a team losing 38-6, the Dolphins were knocked down a few notches and their record stands at 7-5. As of now, the Dolphins are not winners, but rather Akin to a gambler coming off of a hot streak in a game Texas hold’em and not certain of their next move, bet, or going all in.

As it stands, the Dolphins in my opinion and at least on paper have room to grow. This Dolphins team has forged a new identity making it competitive week in and week out and has a renewed sense of pride, passion for film-watching, and receptiveness for listening to coaches.

Yes, this Dolphins team has surpassed all expectations of us as fans and have taken the fan base to score board watching each and every play of your Pittsburgh’s or Denver’s of the NFL.

However, a loss yesterday has put the Dolphins in prime position to fight for four more weeks. Four more weeks of wanting, wishing, and hoping.

Four more weeks of at least dying while trying to make the playoffs.

What then?

What happens after the Dolphins make it?

Do they realize Tannehill can be great and not make a change at QB?

Do they realize that the defensive line is awesome and that the status quo will bare the same result next season?

Do they realize that the Dolphins corners are coming into their own and will be a great unit in 2017?

Look at what happened in 2008. The Dolphins succumbed to the status quo with Chad Pennington and had no plan nor development of backup Chad Henne who was thrust into the starter’s role without being prepared. The Wild Cat failed and both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams couldn’t get them out of the huge 0-4 start in 2009 even though they somehow managed to go 6-4 after getting on a roll.

In addition, then GM Jeff Ireland spent most of the Dolphins cap to sign a new offensive line and then neglected QB and wide receiver. He’d spend the rest of his career in Miami working to address both positions and then some.

Not to mention, receiver Ted Ginn showed his worth by a lack of growth as a pass catcher-he’s fun to watch now, but the Dolphins weren’t waiting around and traded him to SF in 2010 after getting Brandon Marshall.

The list goes on and on and the same movie plays year after year.

So please for heaven’s sake Miami, do not and at least for this season, think about making the playoffs unless you’re willing to change for the better and become the team you’ve always wanted to be.

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