DeVante Parker saves the day in San Diego

Last season, as the Dolphin’s miserable 2015 campaign was winding down, there was a glimmer of hope.

Just a glimpse though.

That flickering light off in the distance was DeVante Parker working on his route running, learning the offense, and learning to be Ryan Tannehill’s best friend on the football field.

When Parker really took off in 2015, the Dolphins passing game became multi-dimensional building off of the short passes and dump offs to then running back Lamar Miller and consequently Jarvis Landry who seemed to always get open.

As of now, nearing the tail end of the Dolphins 2016 season, DeVante Parker is starting to turn it on again after battling hamstring injuries that have plagued him most of the season.

Parker needs to be the difference maker that this offense needs on deep patterns and in the red zone where the Dolphins lack a tight end threat this season.

For the Dolphins to dominate teams down the stretch, Parker must be that go to guy to lift all boats so to speak.  Parker must demonstrate a knack for route running, get open, and become Ryan Tannehill’s safety net.

Right now, with Jarvis Landry hitting a bit of a slump due to a painful shoulder injury, Parker must be the man.

If a five catch performance for 103 yards was the answer versus the Chargers to move the ball down the field, then similar performances can be expected as Parker continues to strengthen into the player the Dolphins’ brass have envisioned him to be.


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