Can the Dolphins steamroll the Bills?

This week Ryan Tannehill talked about Rex Ryan and his defense throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him. 

It will be interesting what kind of pre-snap reads Tannehill makes given the variety of looks and fronts the Buffalo defense features. 

Last week’s win versus the Steelers was a clear example of coach Adam Gase adjusting for the opponent. The recipe for success got kickstarted with early runs through the Pittsburgh defense and a wearing down of the Steelers in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters. 

Beating the Steelers at their own game-stopping the run and running the football is quite difficult, but Gase pulled out all the stops including a healthy o-line, a balanced attack, and the weather worked in his favor. 

Today, the Dolphins must protect the football. When the Dolphins commit no turnovers, they usually win. 

The Bills are plus 8 which is a very strong indication for a winning team. 

The Dolphins on the other hand are plus 4, which is largely in part of interceptions by the Dolphins defense and fumbles recovered. 

Come November and December, if the Dolphins are on the plus side that’s a good thing. 

While limiting turnovers would keep Miami in the running to beat the Bills, running for over 100 yards would help. 

Ryan Tannehill is a winner when he throws for 250 yards, but not often when he throws more than 45 passes. 

It’s almost like the more Tannehill throws for more yards, the Dolphins tend to lose. 

However, several games come to mind when Tannehill has had to takeover and put on the big boy pants: New England 2013 at home, versus the Vikings 2014 at home, and versus the Browns 2016 despite several turnovers-39 passes for 319 yards. 

Defensively, the Dolphins are on fire after last week’s win, but can they extend their winning streak. 

Winning the one on one battles come down to play in the trenches-Ndamukong Suh and the play of Jordan Phillips needs to turn it up a notch. 

Stopping the Bills running game and forcing Tyrod Taylor to drop back instead of play action passing could disrupt the Bills’ offense. 

Bottom line, the Dolphins should be a confident bunch later today after a good week of practice and a game plan that adjusts to the opponent. 

The question is, can the Dolphins knock the Bills back to Buffalo or will they falter and give Dolfans reasons to tank the season?

Photo credit: Buffalo Bills

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